September 18, 2014

Easy Chana Masala

Chana masala is a spicy and tempting side dish made  from white chickpeas (Chana). Though it is originally a very famous Punjabi dish, this is the South Indian version. Chapathi and Chana are the best combo and it also tastes yummy with hot basmathi rice....


Pre time: 10 mins

Cooking time: 20 mins

Serves : 4

Ingredients for making Chana Masala:


  1. White Chickpeas - 2 cups

  2. Cloves and Cinnamon Crushed 1/2 tea spoon

  3. Tomatoes 3

  4. Onions 4

  5.  Ginger 1 1/2 inch piece

  6. Garlic heads 8

  7. Coriander powder 4 tea spoons

  8. Cumin seed powder 1/2 tea spoon

  9. Red chilli powder 2 tea spoons

  10. Amchur powder (Dry Mango Powder) - 1 tea spoon (Optional) 

  11. Oil 4 table spoons

  12. Butter 1 table spoon


Method for making Chana Masala:


Soak the chikpeas overnight and pressure cook them to soft with salt. While pressure cooking put a tea bag in it and some cinnamon sticks and 2 Bay leaves. After the Chana is cooked take off the tea bag, cinnamon stick and the bayleaves.


Grind the items given from number 3 to number 10 given above with 2 table spoons of boiled chana to fine paste and keep aside.


Heat a heavy bottomed wok with oil and butter. Add a tea spoon of cumin seed. After it get splutters fry the crushed cloves and cinnamon. Now add the paste and fry in medium flame. 

Since the chana is cooked already with the salt add the salt necessary for the masala. Fry the paste till the  oil separates and then add the boiled channa and mix well. Add required water for the gravy. allow them to boil till the gravy thickens. Garnish with coriander leaves.

Note: If you want it to be more spicy add half tea spoon of garam masala powder while adding cloves and cinnamon powder to the oil