September 07, 2014

Pearl Millet Porridge (Kamban Koozh)

Pearl millet also known as Bajra is a highly nutritional and easily digestible Millet. They are loaded with marvelous health benefits. Pearl Millet Porridge is very easy to make and stomach filling and makes you feel very light and energetic.

Ingredients for preparing Pearl Millet Porridge:


Pearl Millet Flour - 2 cups

Water - 6 cups

Salt to taste

Fresh butter milk 2 cups

Chopped Shallots (pearl Onions) 2 table spoon

Finely chopped green chillies 1 tea spoon

Mustard seeds and Urad dhal for seasoning


How to make Pearl Millet Porridge:


Dissolve the flour in water in a heavy bottomed vessel and mix well with out any lumps. Add the salt and heat it. Stir continuously till it becomes thick to the consistency of a porridge. Allow it to cool well. Add the butter milk and chopped shallots. Now do the seasoning in a teaspoon of oil with mustard seeds urad dhal and green chillies and add to the porridge.The healthy and tasty Porridge is ready.

Traditionally the porridge is made in the night and set to cool. Next morning the buttermilk is be added and the seasoning is done. 




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