January 06, 2015

Agathi keerai Curry (August tree / Hummingbird tree leaves curry)

This spinach has very high level of Iron, Calcium and Vitamin C with bunch of health benefits. Every month on the next day of Ekadasi fasting, this spinach curry is made to regain or compensate the nutrients lost due to fasting.

Ingredients for making Agathi keerai Curry:









A bunch of Agathi keerai

Moong dal and chana dal 1 tb spoon each

Grated coconut 1 tb spoon

Ginger a small piece

Green chilli 1

Sugar 2 tea spoons

For seasoning:

Mustard seeds, Urad dal and a red chilli

How to make Agathi Keerai Curry:

Remove the leaves from the stem and wash them and drain the water.

In a pan add 2 cups of water and put both the dals. Now with the hand just make rough pieces of the leaves and add to the boiling water.



















Add turmeric powder and salt. A dash of (less than a pinch) of edible soda can be added but it is optional. 

Let them to cook well till the water dries out.

Mean while grind the coconut, ginger and green chilli in mixie without water and keep aside.










When the spinach becomes soft add the coconut mix and stir well.

Saute it with the seasoning items.

Sprinkle the sugar on it and mix well.