February 13, 2015

Puli Upma

Puli Upma is a yummy and distinct Upma variety of  Tamil Brahmins . It is a traditional tiffin which we love to eat at any time. Mostly made in the evenings as school return tiffin! It has the combined taste and flavour of Tamarind's tanginess, Sesame oil's aroma, Dal's crunchiness and the hotness of spices.

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Ingredients for making Puli Upma:

Rice flour 1 cup

Thin tamarind juice 3 cups extracted from a gooseberry size tamarind


For seasoning:

Mustard seeds

Urad dal

Red chillies 3

Curry leaves

Hing powder 1/4 tea spoon

How to make Puli Upma?










Add the tamarind juice and salt to the rice flour and mix well with hand.

Make a dough to the consistency thinner than chapathi dough as shown in the picture.

Keep it aside for 30 minutes.











Heat a heavy bottomed with 4 tb spoons of sesame oil.

Add all the seasoning items one by one.

Once the they splutter keep the flame to medium and add the rice flour mix and keep stirring patiently with a ladle.

Slowly the batter will become golden brown in colour and start breaking into small lumps.

Keep stirring slowly. It will turn into powder consistency and non sticky.









It tastes yummy to have with sugar and pappad or with a cup of curd.


  1. Onions can also be fried along with the seasoning. I add a tsp. of jaggery for a balanced taste and turmeric also for more colour.

  2. Inviting Upma platter ...looks yum and delicious!