February 27, 2015

Spicy Garlic Cabbage Curry

An easy to make spicy side dish for rice and chappathis is Garlic Cabbage Curry. It can also be wrapped in rotis. The bites of crunchy fried garlic and green chillies make this very special.  Mix this curry with some ghee in plain rice and quickly fix it as a cabbage rice for lunch box....

Recipe for Spicy Garlic Cabbage Curry:

Heat a pan with 3 tb spoons of oil.

Saute it with a tea spoon of mustard seeds and cumin seeds.

After they splutter add 2 tea spoons of chopped garlic and green chillies each. Let them fry well.

Now add some chopped onions and fry well with salt and turmeric powder.

Once they onions becomne brown add red chilli powder and mix well.

Now add chopped cabbage and stir well.

Sprinkle hand full of water and cover the pan with a lid just for 5 minutes. 

After taking off the lid, keep frying the stuff in medium flame till it becomes dry and cooked well.

Garnish with curry leaves,

Yummy, Spicy Garlic Cabbage Curry is ready.