May 21, 2015

Inji Pachadi / Ginger Pachadi

A very tasty, tangy and spicy side dish native to Tirunelveli district that serves as the best combination for sodhi kuzhambu, poricha kuzhambu and curd rice. Since it is made of ginger, very good for digestion also. Usually in our place in almost all the feasts this is served to reduce the feeling of heaviness and increase the digestion. It can be stored for a week in refrigerator and used..

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Ingredients for making Inji Pachadi:
(Serves 6 people) 

Preparion time: 15 minutes and Cooking time 20 minutes 

Serves 4

Ginger 200 gms
Tamarind pulp taken from a small lemnon size tamarind
Coriander seeds 2 tb spoons
Red chillies 4 or 5
Gingelly oil 5 tb spoons
Jagerry a small pebble size
Grated coconut 2 tb spoons
Mustard seeds for seasoning

How to make Inji Pachadi?

Wash the ginger well and peel of the skin. Slice them into thin pieces.
Heat a kadai with 2 tea spoons spoon of oil and fry the coriander seeds and red chillies to brown and keep aside. 

Step 1
Add 3  tb spoons of oil to the kadai & fry the ginger pieces till they become well fried to golden brown. Keep them aside

Step 2
In the same pan fry the grated coconut to golden colour and keep asid

Step 3
Now powder all the fried items individaully and keep ready in 3 different cups.
Heat the wok with remaining oil and saute it with mustard seeds and a red chilli. 
Once they splutter add the turmeric powder and pour the tamarind pulp to it. Add required salt and jagerry.
When the raw smell goes add the ground ginger to it and allow to boil for 3 to 5 minutes.
Then add the corainder and chilli powder and the ground coconut and mix well.
When the gravy thickens switch off the stove.