September 02, 2014

Tip #28: Best ways to Refrigerate Vegetables and Fruits

Bhojana's Smart Samayal Tips gives you some suggestions  to store your Veggies and Fruits  as fresh as possible and prevent them from decaying...





Fruits and Vegetables should not be kept together.Some fruits give off high level of ethylene and make surrounding vegetables to rot early.


It is important that the bag in which the vegetables are stored should have some holes to allow fresh air to go inside.

You will be amazed to see that carrot remains very fresh if stored in bubble wrappers. It can also be stored in a container filled  with water!!! Remove the greens from carrot before storing. If you are using greens store them separately.

Don't store Root vegetables like Potatoes and Onions together. Each will make other to spoil fastly.

Keep onions in an airy open basket which lasts for nearly 2 weeks.

While buying Cauliflower get compact, dense heads without any discolorization. It will last for a week if stored in plastic bags. If time permits remove the flower bunches separately from the main stem and store in cotton bags to have more life.

Potatoes need not be refrigerated. They tend to give out sprouts in humid. So keep them in dry, cool and dark environment. Mature potatoes last longer than new potatoes.

For storing greens like lettuce for salads, wash them well wipe them and cut on to bigger pieces and wrap them in neat bath towels and refrigerate. The towel acts like an absorbent and also provides essential dampness to the greens. Whenever you need them take out the required quantity and store them back.

Prevent contact between apples while storing. Wrap each apple individually with a paper and store.

Tomatoes are the most delicate ones to store and researches say that they should be eaten(used) once bought from shop or should be kept in room temperature and otherwise the fruit wall gets damaged while refrigerating and loses the flavour. The tomatoes kept in fridge should be brought to room temperature before cooking to regain its natural flavour.

Grapes are best stored in Paper bags.