October 30, 2018

Kara Boondhi

Kara Boondhi is an addictive and  delighted Diwali snack looking like golden yellow pearls. Just two main ingredients are needed to make this with a very simple procedure. A small quantity of ingredients yield large quantity of output.You can make this as rich as possible with your favourite additions. This Kara Boondhi can also be used to make Raithas, Mixture and Chat items...


October 28, 2018

Thiripagam Sweet (An Authentic Delicacy of Tirunelveli)

Thiribagam  is a rich and delicious sweet native to Tirunelveli. Just a teaspoon of Thrirbagam gives a divine taste that tempts to you to grab more. Thiribagam is a mandatory sweet made here during marriages and Thalai Diwali.  This Thiripagam has three major ingredients and hence got that name. It has the blended taste of Mysorepak, Kajukathli and Palkova. In marriages, a table spoon of thiripagam is wrapped in butterpapers and served here..