March 31, 2017

Wheat Sweet Dosa (Gothumai Vella Dosa)

A traditional and Easy to Make Sweet Dosa from Wheat flour.. My mom often used to make this as school  return evening tiffin. The soft and spongy dosa with aroma of ghee, jagerry and the small bites of coconut gives an exotic taste. This healthy dosa can also be given as snacks to kids to have during break time....


March 30, 2017

Vazhaikkai Podi / Raw Banana Spicy Powder

We regularly make stir fries, chips and kootu out of raw bananas. We can also make spicy powder combining raw bananas, fried lentils and chillies. This is an age old recipe made in Tanjore Brahmin families. This Vazhaikai podi is mixed with hot steaming rice adding few drops of sesame oil and as the side dish to podi rice morkuzhambu is made. ..


March 29, 2017

Suraikkai Adai /Bottle Gourd and Lentils Dosa

Though this sounds to be a new recipe, it is actually an age old recipe done frequently by our Grandmas. One of the easy way to include vegetable and elevate protein content  in our diet. Try this crispy and crest adai and gain the benefits of the vegetable and lentils..


March 26, 2017

Raw Mango Rice

Mangai Sadham
A quick, easy, tangy, spicy and yummy rice variety that is very apt for the Lunch box. Once you taste it, you will become a fan of this Flavorful Mango rice. Instead of using full raw mango, I prefer slightly ripened mango since it balances the sourness with mild sweet and gives exotic taste..


March 25, 2017

Puli Upma

Puli Upma is a yummy and distinct Upma variety of  Tamil Brahmins . It is a traditional tiffin which we love to eat at any time. Mostly made in the evenings as school return tiffin! It has the combined taste and flavour of Tamarind's tanginess, Sesame oil's aroma, Dal's crunchiness and the hotness of spices.


March 24, 2017

Masala Pudalangai (Spicy Snake-gourd Fry)

Usually I make Pudalangai stir fry with coconut or Pudalangai Kootu with moongh dal. I got the chettinad style of making Snake gourd from my neighbour and tried. Such a spicy and tasty side dish it turned out to be. Its a suitable side  dish not only for sambar and rasam rice but also to curd rice..


March 23, 2017

Easy Chana Masala

Chana masala is a spicy and tempting side dish made  from white chickpeas (Chana).  It is originally a very famous Punjabi dish, and I follow this simplest method to make the yummiest Chana masala. Chapathi and Chana are the best combo and it also tastes yummy with plain hot steaming basmathi rice...


March 22, 2017

Neer Elumichangai (Oil-Free Lemon Pickle)

This Preserved Lemons soaked in water is the most favourite side dish for curd rice in our family. We are addicted to the taste of this Neer Elumichangai which also goes very well for Poricha Kuzhambu, More Kuzhambu and Upma varieties. It gives the taste of a pickle and at the same time oil and spice free and hence even elders can have guilt free...


March 21, 2017

Kandathippilli Rasam (Long pepper Rasam)

A perfect herbal rasam  with the goodness of long pepper and aroma of garlic. My grandma used to say this kandanthippilli rasam is made during post operative periods since it has healing benefits. It also relieves body pain and tiredness and its very healthy to have once in a month..


March 20, 2017

Vegetable Makhanwala

Vegetable Makhanwala is a special, rich, creamy side dish made with butter and spices for special occasions to be served with rotis, naan or plain rice. The vegetables are sated with spices, then simmered and cooked in creamy buttery tomato gravy. The simple jeera rice or  fried rice or plain rice when served with this Vegetable Makhanwala, just makes you to feel heavenly...


March 19, 2017

Poha Crispies (Aval Vadam)

A mess free, easy to make sun dried crisps is this Poha Crispies. It sounds delicious as side dish and tea time snacks. It can also be microwaved without oil and had. This is the traditional recipe without onion and garlic which my mother in law learned from her MIL...


March 18, 2017

Peerkangai / Ridge Gourd Dosa

Peerkangai dosa is an inviting dosa that attracts everybody by its appearance and taste. This dosa belongs to Udupi cuisine and it does not need any special side dish since it already has everything in it!!. No doubt children will get excited by seeing this dosa. The crispy and  fine golden red colour outer layer with soft cooked ridge gourd slices inside taste yummy to have with curd...


March 17, 2017

Puli Dosa / Tangy Tamarind Dosa

Basically this Puli Dosa is a Karnataka recipe and the batter made for this dosa is also used to make different types vegetable dosa, by dipping the sliced veggies in to the batter. This Puli dosa not only contains tamarind but also chillies for hotness, jagerry for mild sweetness and some mild spices to tickle the taste buds...


March 16, 2017

Green gram Kichadi

Green gram kichadi is an authentic Maharashtrian recipe made of split green gram, rice and some spices. A comfort and healthy food while craving to have something spicy and healthy. I tasted this in a Pune restaurant few years back. Any pickle and raita is served as side dish...


March 15, 2017

Perfect Maavadu Recipe

Nothing could equalize the Curd rice and Maavadu combination. The red chilli gravy with the strong raw mango flavour and hotness tastes very inviting to have as side dish for upma, pongal and even dosa. Maavadu is also known as Vadu mangai and kadugu Mangai. I still remember those days when my grandma used to buy these raw baby mangoes in sack and make pickles for the whole family members. That too the fresh crunchy raw mangoes soaked in red chilli gravy with its sour and tanginess gives heavenly taste. Here is the perfect recipe of my Grandma  for making this  pickle that lasts for even a year...


March 13, 2017

Karuppatti Chola paniyaram (Palm jagery Jowar Appe)

Cholam / Jowar Combined with palm jagerry, fenu greek seeds, rice and urad dal gives fantastic texture to the stuff with spongy pores inside. Sweet Chola Kuzhi Paniyaram  is a healthy food to be served as break fast and evening snack to all age groups.


March 12, 2017

Karadaiyan Nombu Adai (savored and sweet)

Karadaiyan Nombu(Vrat)  is celebrated at the moment when Tamil month Maasi ends and month Panguni starts. Karadai is the name of a unique Nivedyam(Prasad) prepared on this day.  Married women observe it for long lives of their husband while unmarried girls observe it to get ideal person as their husband. On this day married women and young girls wear yellow robes and pray to Hindu Goddesses for long life for their husband or to get an ideal, suitable  person as their husband in the future.This year it falls on March 15.


March 08, 2017

Vegetable Bread Upma

Wheat bread and Multi grain bread always find place in my kitchen and give hand on busy mornings to make simple, healthy and quick break fast. I make different bread recipes but always with wheat and multi grain breads. When you have small portion of different vegetables leftover in the refrigerator make this healthy breakfast to get a break from regular toasting or sandwich...


March 06, 2017

Punugulu / An easy crispy South Indian Snack

Basically this is the Andhra snack made instantly with Idli batter. It can be made either with fresh batter or a day old batter with mild sourness. Doing it with fresh idli batter does not consume more oil, where as when it is made with the batter with mild sourness consumes more oil. An ideal snack for evening tea time...


March 05, 2017

Poha, Murmur&Oats Idlis (Aval, Pori&Oats Idlis)

Super Soft Idlis without wet grinders and no fermentation!!! Amazing isn't it? Yes ready to make idlis that melts in mouth and remains soft even in lunch boxes with three healthy ingredients. I make this idlis a perfect complete planned breakfast with Palak Sambahar (Spinach with dals) as side dish. Make this powder during week ends and make mess free kitchen on busy mornings..


March 04, 2017

Instant Vegetable Biryani

The easiest way to make the yummiest Vegetable Biryani. The only job you have to do is chopping the vegetables. That too if you do it in advance and keep ready in the refrigerator, in just 20 minutes the spicy flavourful Biryani is ready. I prefer this method while doing for more number of people like for potlucks, parties and picnics...


March 03, 2017

Sweet Potato Parathas

Have you ever tried Parathas with sweet potatoes? If not you have missed super soft, tasty parathas so for. One of the easiest way to include the healthy sweet potatoes in the diet. My mother in law after having this said, she likes it more than the Aloo Paratha!!


March 02, 2017

Thakkali Thokku / Tomato Pickle

The hot, spicy, tangy  Tomato Thokku/Pickle  serves as the mouthwatering side dish for idlis, dosas, bread toast, rotis and curd rice. When tomatoes are available at cheap prices in the market this can be done in bulk and stored for more than two weeks. It reduces the burden of making chutney daily for breakfast or dinner. Very often I make this and store since helps me in hand when I have guests..


March 01, 2017

Hot & Steamed Wheat Adai

A healthy evening snack and tiffin for kids and Adults. We usually do this with rice flour. Though my MIL likes it very much, she resists since she is diabetic. So, I tried this with Wheat flour and every body in my family liked it very much. Now it has become a favorite of all ...


Iru Puli Kuzhambu

Iru puli kuzhambu is a part of  authentic Tamil Brahmin Cuisine  of  Kanyakumari district that serves as the best companion for rice as well as dosai, Sevai (Idiiyappam), Uppma kozhukattai and Adai. Since both tamrind and curd are used, it is called Iru Puli Kuzhambu....