March 31, 2016

IdiChakkai Thoran / Tender Jackfruit Curry

An awesome recipe from the cuisine of Kerala. There are number of items like Kheer, Chips, Jam, Pan cake etc., made in Kerala out of Jackfruit. Once you make this you will feel the extreme deliciousness of this dish. This spicy curry is made out of Tender / Small Jackfruits. Whenever we get the tender jackfruits in market we used to buy this for making Idichakkai Thoran. Since it is made of raw andtender jackfruit , you don't have the laborious process of removing the fibre or seeds from the fruit pulps. Just peel the skin off & the stuff is ready for chopping. 


March 30, 2016

Murungaikkai / Drumstick Poricha Kuzhambu

An Authentic Tamil Brahmin Gravy made without adding tamarind. A no onion, no garlic recipe which is a flavour-packed lentil based gravy made with special ground paste of roasted spices and coconut. It is made with many vegetables like snake-gourd, brinjals, broad-beans, drumstick, ash-gourd etc.,  It is a different recipe that stands in between Sambhar and Kootu! We usually make this on Sundays to relish its glorious taste fully, because it tastes heavenly when had by mixing with hot steaming rice. Since it doesn't have tangy taste,  in our house we  make any raita as side dish to this


March 29, 2016

Ready to use Spice Powder for Gravies, Pulaos, Biryani & Fried Rice

Many Indian recipes ask for Cloves, Cinnamon, Star anise, Mace and Green Cardamom. Some times we plan to make  Pulao, Fried rice or any North Indian gravy or South Indian Vegetable Kurma. But we end up in cancelling  that due to non availability of any of the spice with us. Just spend 10 minutes during a week end and make this aromatic spice powder. In addition to giving the mesmerizing aroma and taste to the food it also saves your time...


March 27, 2016

11 Tips to keep the Kitchen Mess-Free

A mess free Kitchen counter makes cooking enjoyable and tension free. While arranging my book shelf yesterday, I came across this article in an old book. I found this to be very useful and hence sharing this with you all adding some of my own tips too...


March 26, 2016

Omam / Ajwain Rasam (Herbal soup)

A succulent, tempting and refreshing rasam that gives a soothing comfort to our throat. Since this Rasam is made with Omam and and other spices,  gives a fantastic aroma. Mix this rasam with hot steaming rice and taste with any vegetable stir fry and Pappad and feel the difference....


March 24, 2016

Paruppu Thogayal and Milagu Rasam (Dal chutney & Pepper Soup)

Paruppu thogayal and Milagu Rasam!! Once you taste this combo you will say that its divine. Simple and delicious! After the days of feast or marriages we make this combo that gives welcoming break from the regular food. Enjoy this combo with hot rice and have a nap after a while. Nothing could equalise this. paruppu Thogayal and Milagu Rasam is the authentic recipe of Tam Brahmin cuisine..


March 23, 2016

Mixed Dal / Lentils Rice

Lentils / Dals of different sizes and colours always find place in the cuisine of vegetarians and they are the major source of protein to us. Here is the recipe of  a delicious, complete and comfort food that gives your family the energy and protein you need for a day...


March 21, 2016

Urulai Kizhangu Masal (Traditional Potato Gravy)

Urulai Kizhangu Masal fondly called as Kizhangu in many Hotels is the most popular, Un beatable  and traditional side dish for Poori and Chapatis in Tamilnadu. Even today in many Tamil Brahmin families this side dish is the most sought one by the elders. We love to have this even by spreading on Dosas and Breads. An easy, simple yet mouthwatering side dish...


March 20, 2016

Veg Gothumai / Wheat Rava Upma

For making any type of Upma I follow a simple technique to get a non sticky upma with perfect consistency and I never keep stirring the stuff while cooking. If you follow this method no tension of getting lumps too. Gothumai Rava / Broken wheat Upma is a popular and common breakfast of South India and it becomes very healthy and filling when made with veggies...


March 19, 2016

Mixed Dals with Spinach

An easy to make delicious, healthy and creamy side dish with wonderful combo of Spinach / Palak , Dals, Onions & Tomato. This single side dish is enough for the  day to have with rotis and rice. 


March 18, 2016

Refreshing Rava Idli

Here is the simple and perfect procedure for making the very famous South Indian Breakfast Rava Idli. The soft and fluffy Rava idlis sauted with dals, cashews and mixed with veggies is a healthy breakfast to start the day with...


March 17, 2016

Aval Pori Dosa / Puffed Rice Dosa

I just wanted to try dosa with Aval Pori with which we used to make Karthigai Pori Urundai. Though I make often Dosa with the other type of Pori commonly called as Murmura, this time I tried with the Pori made from beaten rice flakes called as AvalPori (Poha Murmura). It was really a sweet surprise for me to get such a tasty dosa with pores on it. Here is the recipe for Aval Pori Dosa which is very simple and tasty....


March 16, 2016

Rajma & Tomato Biryani

An absolute delicious, healthy  and lip-smacking Spicy Rice. You will simply  love to carry this glorious Biryani in Lunch box. A simple onion raita pairs excellent with this Kidney beans Biryani. This Kidney Beans and Tomato Biryani is an easy to make recipe. The mild tanginess taste of the tomatoes blends with the fresh Indian spices make this Biryani extremely impressive...


March 15, 2016

Chow Chow / Chayote Kootu without Coconut

A kootu made with roasted dal powders, which makes your

cooking simple and mess free on hectic days without grinding.

Make this powder in bulk during weekends. This Chow Chow

kootu is different from the usual ones, since it is made without 

coconut. Instead of coconut roasted dals powder, boiled moong dal 

are added. It retains the same taste as the kootu made with coconut 

and can be had with vathakuzhambu rice or sambhar rice or Rotis. 

A No onion No garlic recipe to have on Vrat days...


March 11, 2016

Paruppu Usili (Steamed Lentils Fry)

Paruppu Usili is a protein rich  Tamil Brahmin's Signature side dish and is made usually with lentils and veggies like cluster beans, beans & plantain flower. Apart from being served as side dish it tastes yummy and distinctive when you have this by mixing in hot steaming rice with few drops of ghee. The unique taste of paruppu usili is unbeatable. Some times when there is no vegetable at home, we make plain paruupu usili and have it as side dish with more kuzhambu. Traditionally it is made without steaming but frying it more with sesame oil. Nowadays we steam it and then fry with less oil,  yet we get the same taste...


March 10, 2016

Kathirikkai Theeyal / Spicy Eggplants in Roasted Coconut

A Traditional &  Spicy Kerala Cuisine made with Eggplants. This Scrumptious gravy is made from a mixture spices and roasted coconut which gives unique aroma to this dish.  This is a tasty gravy or side dish served with boiled hot rice.  We also have this as side dish to Aapam, Dosa and Idli.


March 09, 2016

Olan / Pumpkins with Cream of Coconut

Any feast in Kerala is incomplete without this side dish. Olan is a mandatory dish of Kerala cuisine made with Raw Pumpkin or Ash gourd. The veggies boiled in coconut milk tastes yummy, soft and very mild with the flavours of coconut oil and green chillies. Since the legume is added with pumpkin no doubt it is a healthy and rich side dish to be served during festivals.


March 08, 2016

Wheat Kara Kozhukattai (Hot and Steamed Wheat Balls)

An ideal, guilt free evening snack or light tiffing to have with for aged people. For kids instead of green chillies bell peppers and sprouts could be added to make it more attractive and serve with sauce. This steamed balls can also be made by mixing finely grated veggies. By following this basic method you can make varieties of light tiffin for your loveable ones...


March 07, 2016

Kalkandu Sadham (Creamy Candy Sugar Rice)

A traditional sweet made during special days or on festivals. Rice boiled in creamy milk,  sweetened with candy sugar and flavoured with saffron makes this an exquisite sweet. A glorious sweet to make on any festive occasion..


March 05, 2016

Muzhu Ulunthu & Thinai Dosa

Muzhu Ulunthu Dosa is the authentic dosa variety of Tirunelveli. It is a  delicious dosa that tastes heavenly with onion chutney. It has numerous health benefits since made with whole black gram and fenugreek seeds . Here I have made it more healthy and nutritious adding Foxtail millet,reducing the quantity of rice. A healthy, soft and aromatic dosa that can be tasted with onion chutney...


March 03, 2016

Sweet Potato Vathakuzhambu

We usually make stir fry or crisps out of Sweet Potatoes. Have you ever made this tangy gravy out of Sweet potatoes. A delicious and mouthwatering gravy to have with steaming rice. This kuzhambu also tastes heavenly to have as side dish with curd rice. A lip smacking gravy that tempts you to have more and more....


March 02, 2016

Gobi (Cauliflower) Manchurian Gravy

Gobi Manchurian!! The name itself tempting to have it isn't it?Here is the best restaurant style Manchurian gravy recipe which is the all time favourite side dish for any Indian bread varieties like Roti, Phulka, Naan and Chapatis.  With available ingredients at home, You can make very easily  the mouth watering Manchurian by following this step by step recipe. The dry Manchurians are the most preferred starters of the IndoChinese cuisine...


March 01, 2016

Perfect Filter Coffee

Sipping filter coffee every morning is a pleasurable experience which could not be compromised for anything else for most of us. However busy I am in the morning, I never miss spending 10 minutes with coffee and Newspaper. Coffee brewing is a special technique and a perfect coffee kick starts the day with briskness. Here are some tips to make perfect filter coffee...