January 06, 2017

Tip #19: Soft and Spongy Idlis Guaranteed!!

The safest and favorite breakfast item of Tamil people is Idli and it can be described with so many adjectives like soft, fluffy, spongy and White Idlis. Though it is a very common breakfast item there are certain tips to be followed to get perfect idlis. Follow these Smart Samayal Tips and get Perfect Spongy Idlis...

  • The rice used for idli batter should be Parbboiled Idli rice and the Whole Urad dhal of good quality. Don't use old stock of Urad dhal.
  • The proportion of rice and Urad dhal is 4:1 and soak them separately. It is always better to soak them atleast for 4 to 5 hours.
  • Wash them thrice or four times well with water and soak them in good water and need not wash them before grinding.
  • Always use wet grinder for grinding and not mixie. While grinding in mixie the batter becomes hot and makes the idlis hard.
  • First grind the Urad dhal with water till it becomes fluffy. Add water in between then and there while grinding and grind urad dhal atleast for 40 minutes. The batter becomes cool when it comes to correct consisitency and texture.
  • Then grind the rice with water. Dont add too much of water. It should be thick and at the same time soft and fine. 
  • Always use crystal salt and mix both the batter with hand in a bigger vessel well by adding salt.
  • The vessel should have the batter only to half of its height having space for the batter to fement. After 8 hours make idlis or refrigerate it.
  • Before making idlis bring the water to boiling level and the keep the idli plates into the pan.
  • Very important point is don't mix fermented  batter well before making idlis. My grandma always says that the upper portion is ideal for idlis and the bottom most for dosas.
If you are making idlis with lesser measurement grind rice and urad dhal together to fine smooth batter, but increase a fistful of urad dhal.If You don't have a wet grinder and using a mixie for grinding idli batter add 2 cups of washed poha / Aval / beaten rice while grinding the soaked rice to increase the softness and also use refrigerated chill water to grind the batter. It will prevent the batter from becoming hot.


  1. Soaked the rice as per the above ration i.e. 4:1, 3 tsp raw rice and 1 tsp fenugreek seeds. My idlis came out very very well. Thank you Mam....

  2. Replies
    1. What is the ingredient poha? Is there a good effective suprrmatket substitute if unable to find indian shop in my area?

  3. Hi,usually we mix batter nicely after fermantation right?

  4. Hi,usually we mix batter nicely after fermantation right?

    1. Nothing wrong in mixing if you are going to use the entire dough for idlis. Suppose you want to use the same dough for dosa, then dont m8x it, use the top portion and u will get spongy idlis, and use the the bottom portion for dosa, so that u get crispy dosa..
      Otherwise there is No rule that u sould not mix it..

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