July 31, 2016

Chia Seeds Vegan Power Soup

Though I have some knowledge about one of the most powerful nutritious ingredient Chia seeds,  I did not get the opportunity to use it since it is not available in my city which is in the down south of the country. When I was asked to submit 30 iron rich recipes for a famous monthly magazine, I was asked by those people to make a recipe of Chia Seeds, but unfortunately I could not get it. Immediately after few days surprisingly I got a courier with a pack of Organic Chia Seeds form the Belly Nirvana who are under the mission of Go Organic India with the support of Plattershare. Here I should say about Plattershare..

Plattershare right from the beginning of my journey as a food blogger consistently support, encourage and showcase my culinary skills. I could never forget the article they published about my cookery show in Sun T.V.  When I received the Chiaseeds via Plattershare for their associate program Go Organic India  with Belly Nirvana I was overwhelmed with joy.

Then my Exploration and research about Chia Seeds started in depth. I was amazed to know about the health benefits of Chia seeds and its origin and history through Google. As we always start the  course of food with an appetizer, I started my first experiment with Chia seed with a soup and It was just mind blowing. My family members just loved to enjoy it. I added every ingredient for the soup with a perfect choice that gives the energy needed for the whole day.


July 30, 2016

Sabudana / Javvarisi / Sago Kuzhipaniyaram

An interesting way to make use of left over dosa batter. Some times we have little dosa or idli batter in stock which may not be sufficient for the breakfast for the whole family. Just add 2 cups of soaked sago to get crispy and brown Kuzhipaniyarams that looks fluffy and tastes yummy...


July 29, 2016

Aravanai (Rice simmered in Jaggery Syrup)

An authentic Kerala recipe that is very easy to make but very delicious.  The rice is added to the Jaggery syrup with ghee and is cooked for a long time and the fantastic aroma and taste are simply mind blowing. We make this Aravanai for Devi Pooja called Bhagavathi Sevai at home. In Kerala temples this is offered to devotees in Banana leaves...


July 28, 2016

Coconut Milk Pulao / Thengaipal Sadham

A flavourful rice with the richness of coconut milk and fresh spices without adding any vegetable. Though any spicy gravy  goes very well with this rice as side dish, Potato chips and onion cucumber raita is the best combo to relish this awesome fluffy pulao...


July 26, 2016

Instant Masal Vadai

Crispy and  Mouth watering Masal Vadais that can be made without dals and no need to grind anything . A perfect Monsoon snack to have with coffee or tea. This Vadas can also be made for any Poojas skipping onions...


July 25, 2016

Butter Beans Kurma

Butter Beans Kuruma is a very tasty South Indian Spicy Side dish made with spices to have with poori, chappathi, roti or plain rice. Butter beans when cooked and blended with other veggies & spices tastes awesome and it is good for health too...


July 24, 2016

Milagushyam and Manjal Poosani Puli Pachadi

Milagushyam is the gravy in which the vegetables are cooked with lentils and pepper without adding coconut and tamarind.  It is mixed with hot steamed rice and as side dish for this we make tangy Yellow pumpkin Pachadi. It is the traditional and authentic recipe of Tamil Brahmin Cuisine. 


July 23, 2016

Karuppatti Kuzhipaniyaram / Palm Jagerry Appe

A morning breakfast from Chettinad cuisine with mild sweetness made of Karuppatti which is  rich in iron. It is also a very good snack or tiffin to have  in the evening..


July 22, 2016

Nendram Pazham Pradaman / Plantain fruit Kheer

Nendram Pazham is a type of Banana that is flond abundantly in Kerala and it is known for its unique flavour and taste... Variety of dishes are made in Kerala with this fruit and one among them is Nendram Pazham Payasam which they call it as Pradhaman. It is made for any feast or Onam and it has fantastic taste with special aroma...


July 20, 2016

Wheat Rava Karabath

The difference between Upma and karabath is very mild but the taste differs vastly. While doing Karabath we add more veggies and tomatoes and it is made adding more water to bring it to the consistency of Pongal. The fancy version of Upma is karabath I believe and of course it is tastier and healthier when doing with wheat and fresh veggies...


July 19, 2016

Sojja Kudumu (Rice Rava Idli)

An amazing breakfast  that mesmerised all of us with its texture and taste !! Brand new recipe for me from my friend Meena Suresh and she said it is the authentic breakfast recipe of Arya Vysyas. The recipes she sends me are very unique, healthy and above all most of them are steamed and need very very less oil.


July 18, 2016

Vegetable Sagu

An authentic Karnataka side dish served with Poori, Set dosa and also tastes very good with Chapathi. I often make this  for my mother in law as a side dish to Chapathi since it is made without Ginger Garlic paste, which she doesn't like. A tasty side dish with very mild spiciness which elders mostly prefer...


July 17, 2016

Instant Poha & Bread Adai

Aval /Poha is my most favourite and help in hand ingredient in my Kitchen. With Poha / Aval I can make number of recipes easily and since it is easily digestible and rich in iron I use it in all possible ways. This is my another trial with Aval / poha which doesnot need grinding or fermentation...


July 16, 2016

Kerala Kuzhalappam

Though I have visited many parts of Kerala, I had the opportunity to taste this authentic snack of Kerala only last year when I visited Thrissur, A crispy and crunchy snack with mild spicy flavour and fine aroma of coconut. My friend made this new recipe for my sake when I was there to present me a new recipe for my blog. I got the opportunity to make it only this week.


July 14, 2016

Aval / Poha pakodas

A chatpata snack which can be made very easily for the evening snack or school return snack or for unexpected guests. It is also a very different starter for any party or potluck. This pakodas stay crispier for a very long time and tastes yummy than besan flour pakodas...


July 13, 2016

Sweet Puttu / Rice flour in Jaggery

A traditional, age old sweet made as an offering to Goddess during Navaratri. My hubby's sister is an expert in making this. She visited us recently and I made this in her presence & got the certificate of success too! A long time wish to make this on my own has come true. It is very auspicious to make during Navaratri and also I can say it is a healthy dessert or sweet since very little ghee is only used. There is no any chance of getting it flaw if you follow this method...


July 12, 2016

Kalyana MorKuzhambu (Creamy & Spiced Yoghurt Stew)

MorKuzhambu made in Kanyakumari and Tirunelveli districts are entirely different from the one made in Chennai, Trichy and Tanjore districts. Especially the Morkuzhambu served in Tamil Brahmin marriages are very unique with distinct flavour and divine taste. Paruppu usilli is the best combination to have with Mor kuzhambu rice in some parts whereas in my place people make a gravy called Pitla(i) with Brinjals or Bittergourd to have with MorKuzhambu rice. Morkuzhambu itself serves as the best side dish to have with Puliyodharai.


July 11, 2016

Vazhaithandu Dosai (Plantain Stem Dosa)

I learnt this Dosa recipe which can be made without fermentation , from my mother in law. She makes it at least twice a month since Plantain stem is very good for health and adding that to dosa is one of the interesting way to make the kids to eat this healthy vegetable. The very soft and white dosas with crunchy bites of the plantain stem in between gives fantastic feel...


July 10, 2016

Poha Chat with Red Guava and Dry fruits

I made this at home last month when I was in the process of making  thirty iron rich recipes to be published in a monthly magazine. A nutritious breakfast or chat that is rich in iron and vitamin c suitable . Now whenever we buy Red guava it has become a regular menu in our family.  A bowl of this chat is more than enough for complete breakfast...


July 08, 2016

Arisi Ullunthu Kozhukattai (Rice & Urad dal steamed balls)

An interesting and healthy recipe learnt from my friend Gita Kumar. Her description of the recipe and photo tempted me to make it immediately and  my 80 years old mother in law certified this awesome and very soft. Since it is steamed and boiled very good for digestion and the flavour of urad dal, green chilli paste and coconut oil really brings out mesmerising taste...


July 07, 2016

Sundal Rasam (Mixed Pulses Soup)

Few days back my friend Meena Suresh sent  me the photo and recipe of this rasam. It was very new to me and I asked her whether it was her creation. She replied it is an age old traditional recipe of Telugu speaking people. Very next day I made this healthy rasam. I felt bad for missing this healthy, wonderful, soothing, delicious rasam for all these years. It is a two in one recipe which serves as both rasam and kuzhambu. You need not make any vegetable  side dish for this since the boiled pulses blended with the fresh spices serve the purpose. Mix it with hot steaming rice and enjoy the divine taste with chips or pappad as side dish.


July 06, 2016

Potato Stew

An easy, creamy and comforting side dish for Aappam, Puttu, Poori, Chappathi etc., An authentic cuisine of Kerala in which the coconut milk and fresh spices are used with the aroma of coconut oil. A truly delicious side dish....


July 05, 2016

Veg Ragi Bars (Finger Millet Veg Bars)

You would have never tasted such a yummy Ragi / Bajra / Finger Millet food! A very healthy calcium and iron rich breakfast or evening tiffin with the goodness and nutrients of Ragi flour and vegetables...


July 04, 2016

Banana Sheera

Banana Sheera is a  Sweet made as Prasad in North India especially on Full Moon Day for Sathyanarayana Pooja and other Poojas. A very simple and delicious sweet that can be made easily with less efforts...


July 03, 2016

Keerai Theeyal (Spinach with roasted coconut)

Theeyal is an authentic Kerala recipe made mostly with baby onions.  For a change I tried it with Keerai (spinach) and baby onions and it resulted in a very delicious and flavourful recipe...


July 02, 2016

Hot, Sweet and Sour Chutney / Dip

A healthy and lipsmacking chutney to have with chappathi, bread, roti or phulkas. It pairs very well with Spicy Veg Biryani too!!! Just spread it on any Indian bread variety, roll it and pack for the lunch. Amazingly tasty...


July 01, 2016

Navadhanya Adai

Crispy, healthy and mouth watering Adai loaded with protein and tempting flavours. I made this using Nine lentils and grains. But it can be made with any more or less number of lentils as you like. If you want to make it for lunch box a slight alterations in ingredients will make it more soft than crispy which I have given in the recipe...