January 31, 2017

Potato Curry with Freshly Ground Spices

Potato Curry is the perfect finger food and all time favorite for most of us. It is also a wonderful companion for any meal. This Potato curry made with Freshly Ground Spices tastes delicious and a lip smacking one to have either with meal or rotis...


January 28, 2017

Arai Puli Kuzhambu

An authentic, traditional Kuzhambu variety of Thanjavur Brahmins. This name as it is neither sambar nor vathakuzhambu Vathakuzhambu with 1/2 the quantity of tamarind that for vathakuzhambu. 
Sambar without dhal. Hence in my mom's family they call its as Rendukettan Kuzhambu!!! Since I am settled in Tirunelveli and my MIL is from Kerala, some how I totally missed this recipe. I got this recipe recently from my eldest cousin. I am giving the recipe which she has sent me. This tastes amazing to have as side dish for dal rice. (Paruppu sadham).


January 24, 2017

Sweet Potato Spiced Curry (Sarkkaraivalli Kizhangu Kaara Curry)

Sweet Potato curry is a tasty and delicious curry like normal potato curry. It matches very well with both rice and Rotis. The combination of the mild sweetness of the vegetable with the added spices gives wonderful taste...


January 23, 2017

Buttermilk Poha Stir Fry (Mor Aval)

An easy to make, healthy, easily digest-able  and yummy breakfast that can be made in no time. Anything could be added to the basic recipe to make it more nutritious. I usually add sprouts , mix them well and serve..


January 22, 2017

Mulligatawny Soup

The Mulligatawny soup which means pepper curried water is an English soup with Indian origin. This healthy , richly flavoured soup is very ideal and perfect for a cold day. Here is the simple and easiest way to make the perfect vegetarian Mulligatawany Soup...


January 19, 2017

Spicy Garlic Cabbage Curry

An easy to make spicy side dish for rice and chappathis is Garlic Cabbage Curry. It can also be wrapped in rotis. The bites of crunchy fried garlic and green chillies make this very special.  Mix this curry with  plain rice and quickly fix it as chat pat cabbage rice for lunch box..


January 18, 2017

Rasam without Rasam Powder (Nellai Rasam)

Rasam  is indispensable for lunch in the daily menu of our family and we make endless varieties of Rasam. In Tirunelveli,  Rasam is made without  Rasam powder. Freshly ground spices are used for making the yummy rasam which is also very ideal to serve as the appetising soup...


January 17, 2017

Pumpkin & Tomato Thokku / Pickle / Dip

My hubby brought home a full fresh yellow pumpkin from Kerala few days back. Usually I never waste the fibre part of the pumpkin and make chutney out of it. But it can be kept only for a day since coconut is added. So I was thinking of a way to use the fibre part of the whole pumpkin in a different way. Atlast added some tomato to it and made thokku / pickle out of it and it has become a super hit in my family. We now have it as side dish for roti, idli, dosa and curd rice...


January 16, 2017

Orange Peel Vatha Kuzhambu

Vatha Kuzhambu when its made with the Orange peel, it turns out magical!! yes you will get addicted to its distinct taste and flavour. It is a traditional tangy, sweet and hot gravy that is served with palin rice. It also tastes delicious when had as a side dish with curd rice...


January 15, 2017

Instant Tomato Dosa

This Rava dosa is a different one from which we make usual rava dosa. This dosa does not need any special side dish and a cup of curd or any pickle pairs well with this dosa. When eaten hot it is crispy and becomes soft when gets cooled and does not become dry. An ideal recipe for dinner...


January 11, 2017

Vendakkai Puli Pachadi (Spicy and Tangy Lady's Finger)

A new recipe that I learnt from my hubby's niece. I found this interesting since it is made in a different way without adding curd as we do usually. It tasted very yummy as the side dish to thogaiyal rice and Poricha Kuzhambu rice. A very simple yet delicious side dish...


January 09, 2017

Thaalagam Kuzhambu (Mixed vegetable gravy with roasted sesame and coconut)

Thaalagam is a delicious, traditional, healthy and mouthwatering tangy gravy with the flavours of roasted coconut, sesame and freshly ground spices. Its is traditionally made with Seven or Nine vegetables.The preparation method varies from place to place. Apart from making it on Thiruvadirai , In our place  this Kuzhambu is made with Yellow Pongal rice in the Tamil month of Aadi..


Thriuvadhirai Kali (Sweet pudding from roasted rice)

However experienced we are in cooking, sometimes when we do Thiruvathirai kali we get doubt in the proportion of rice and jagerry, amount of water to be kept, and the method for roasting the rice. And also there are instances when the rice does not cook or boil properly and stay crunchy. Here are some tips and perfect, easy method for doing this traditional sweet..


January 08, 2017

Agathi keerai Curry (August tree / Hummingbird tree leaves curry)

Dwadasi recipe - This spinach has very high level of Iron, Calcium and Vitamin C with bunch of health benefits. On the next day of Ekadasi fasting, this spinach curry is made to regain or compensate the nutrients lost due to fasting.


Sundaikkai Vathal Kuzhambu

Sundaikkai Vathal (Dried Turkey Berry) Vathakuzhambu is the traditional kuzhambu which is made very often in our family. We make this on the next day of Ekadasi, Dwadasi along with Agathi keerai and Nellikkai thayir pachadi.  This is a typical Tirunelveli Brahmin style recipe in which they add boiled moongh dal. After settling here,  really it was a surprise for me to know that boiled dal is added to this vatha kuzhambu. But after tasting this I understood the reason for the unique taste of this recipe.It also tastes very delicious to have as side dish for hot Dhal Rice with ghee. 


January 06, 2017

Tip #19: Soft and Spongy Idlis Guaranteed!!

The safest and favorite breakfast item of Tamil people is Idli and it can be described with so many adjectives like soft, fluffy, spongy and White Idlis. Though it is a very common breakfast item there are certain tips to be followed to get perfect idlis. Follow these Smart Samayal Tips and get Perfect Spongy Idlis...


Corn / Chola Rava Kichadi

Kichadi or Uppma is the solution to make breakfast easily and tastily for 10 or more people. It is stomach filling and also nutritious with vegetables. Sooji or Ordinary Rava Kichadi may cause some indigestion problems to elders, where as this Corn Rava Kichadi is easily digestible for even old people...


January 05, 2017

Tip #27: Guidelines for Appropriate Boiling of Vegetables

Boiling Vegetables? Phew!!! Easy task isn't it? But Really it is not that much easy for the beginners. Because each vegetable has different cooking time, needs different measurement of water and some veggies have to be covered while cooking and some not. These Smart Cooking Tips will guide you to boil the vegetables in right way....


January 04, 2017

Veg Paya

A spicy and appealing side dish that pairs perfect with Aapam, Idiyappam , Idlis and Rot.  A  bowl full of mini idlis with paya is an excellent potluck recipe. The freshly roasted spices with the masala paste gives exotic taste to this side dish...


January 02, 2017

Veg French Toast

A healthy breakfast made with multi grain bread and veggies that is suitable for all age groups...