October 29, 2014

Arisi Kurunai Upma (Rice Granules Upma)


Arisi Kurunai Upma is the Traditional and Regular breakfast item of Tamil Brahmin Families. Either Brinjal Gothsu or Coconut Chutney serves as the best side dish for this yummy tiffin. It is done in two different ways. In one method we add powdered pepper and cumin seeds and Thoor dhal. In another type we make it only with coconut and chillies. The second type looks in milky white colour. Today I am giving the recipe of plain version.

Ingredients for making Arisi Kurunai Upma:

Rice Granules (Kurunai)  2 cups

Coconut Oil 3 table spoons

Grated coconut 2 table spoon

Hing powder 1/2 tea spoon

Green chillies and red chillies 2 each

Curry leaves

Mustard seeds, urad dhal and chana dhal for seasoning

How to make Arisi Kurunai Upma:


In a mixer jar powder the raw rice coarsely and sieve it.The fine rice flour comes out and the granuels stay back in the siever. Take the granules 2 cups.









Heat a heavy bottomed pan with coconut oil. Saute it with seasoning items given above. Once the dhals become brown add the chillies and hing powder.






Now pour 4 cups of water and required salt into the water. Allow them to boil.

When the water starts boiling add the rice granules slowly and stir well keeping the flame in medium.When the granules get cooked keep the flame in low and close pan with the lid. Let it be in that mode for 10 minutes. 










After 10 minutes add the coconut and chopped curry leaves and mix well. Now the Upma is ready to serve.

Note: Coconut oil gives special flavor to this Upma. It tastes very delicious with Kathirikkai(Brinjal) Gothsu or Chutney or Sambhar .


  1. Can I use rice rava, instead of grinding the raw rice?