October 01, 2014

Tip #53: Mesmerizing Masal Vadai Tips

Masal Vadai with hot tea or coffee in the evening.... Nothing could compete this. The crispy and crunchy Masal vadai with the goodness of small onions, green chilli bites in between and the flavour of curry leaves really makes it an iconic snack of Tamil Nadu. It is available from Road side tea shops to Star Hotels and it tempts everybody irrespective of the place where it is available. On pooja days we do this without onion and on all other days with onion. Here are some Smart Samayal Tips to get Crispy and Crunchy Masal Vadais:

When making vadas for Pooja without Onions grind chopped ginger, curry leaves, Hing  and green chillies to coarse without water and add to the Vadai batter. So it prevents them falling them out into the oil from the batter while frying.

While making it with onions for snacks or parties take a tea spoon of fennel seeds, mint leaves, green chillies and some garlic and crush them corasely without water in a blender and to the batter with onion to get exact tea shop Masal Vadai.

Always chop shallots(Small Onions) patiently and add to the batter to get fantastic taste. Shallots taste very good than Ordinary big onions.

Soak washed channa dhal for 3 hours with red chillies and grind with little water to coarse batter. Before grinding take a table spoon of soaked channa dhal and keep aside. Add this to the batter after grinding to get the crunchuness of the dhal. A tea spoon of rice flour could be added to the batter for binding.

In our home we use  instead of Channa dhal, Pattani paruppu.  It really tastes very well than Channa dhal. The procedure is the same.

Though red chillies are added while grinding add chopped green chillies to get good flavour.

Finely chopped shallots, green chillies, curry leaves and ginger gives fantastic aroma and taste to Masal Vadai.


Drop a pinch of batter to oil to verify the temperature of the oil. If the batter rises immediately it is right time to make vadais .keep the flame in medium and take small balls of batter with wet hand and keep it on the palm. With the other palm give a gentle pat and drop it into the oil. Thin vadais are crispier always.

Adding fennel seeds, mint leaves, garlic, ginger etc are optional. Depending upon the level of spiciness you like add or delete the list of spices.



To make Sambhar vadai or Rasa Vadai follow this note: While frying vadais in oil, parallely in another stove keep boiling water. Drop fried hot vadais in to hot boiling water and let them be in it for 3 minutes. With another tong take them out and soak in Rasam or sambhar to get Soft and Spongy Rasa vadai or Sambhar Vadai.