October 03, 2014

Tip# 55: Kitchen Medical Kit (Part-1)

Did you know that almost all  kitchen spices can be used as natural remedies? From salt to turmeric, since times immemorial these around-the-house daily ingredients used in our cooking are some of the best natural cures for everyday health concerns. Spices can be used to treat problems ranging from headaches, gas, and diarrhea to high blood pressure and acute infections. Today from Smart Samayal Tips, I give you a Traditional herbal powder that helps you in many ways:

This powder induces hunger, relieves from gastric disorder, and enhances digestion. Having a small amount of rice with this powder daily makes your digestion process regular.



Omam ( Oregano) 1 table spoon

Dhaniya 5 table spoons

Pepper 1 table spoon

Jeeragam 1 table spoon (Cumin seeds)

Asaefotadia (Perungaya powder) 2 teaspoons

Dry ginger (Chukku) 2  pieces. 

Fenugreek 1 teaspoon


Preparation method:

Heat the Kadai and dry roast the above ingredients one by one till they give fine aroma (or till become golden brown). Allow them to cool for a while. Add required salt and a piece of jaggery. Make them into a fine powder with the help of a mixie.


If you feel heaviness or vomiting after having heavy food outside, add this powder a teaspoon to buttermilk and drink. You will get a relief in short time.


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