October 07, 2014

Tip # 59: Splendid Sprouts Tips

Sprouts are packed with  vitamins, minerals, enzymes, trace elements, amino-acids and proteins. Sprouts are one of the most incredible foods in our kitchen. Sprouts are used as from main ingredient to a garnish. Sprouts are a great snack for a crunchy munch. We eat sprouts either raw or cooked. 


Sprout People Organization says Sprouts are: 

a Snack and great in stir fry
for tortilla insides
unexpected on pizzas
a powerful juice source
a friend of soup
necessary on sandwiches
the breakfast of champions!


Some healthy and interesting Tips to use Sprouts in Regular diet from Smart Samayal Tips:


Instead of cooking or boiling, steam the sprouts and mix with cereals, fruits and nuts for breakfast.


Greengram sprout goes very well with grated Carrot, green chillies and tea spoon of lemon juice.


While you make beetroot curry add boiled black eye bean sprouts. (Kaaramani)


Boil the green gram sprout and add it with boiled potato, garlic ginger paste and chilli powder and mash them well to make spicy and healthy parathas. 


Mix the crunchy sprouts in hand together. Add finely chopped onions, chat masala powder, Tomato sauce and some puffed rice to serve as evening snack.

Make Sprouted pea dip by making the puree of boiled pea sprout, green chilli, butter, garlic. salt and onions in a food processor and seasoning it to taste. Use it for spreading on breads and crackers.

Take any sprout. Boil it. Make a puree of it by adding mint or coriander with your favorite spice and use as bread spread for healthy break fast.


Add grated cottage cheese or tofu with any sprout and use it for Chappathi roll or bread sandwich.


Add coloured bell peppers to sprouts and make salads to make it appealing and attractive.  

While making Pulao, Briyani, Fried rice or any Variety rice make it a habit to add a cup of any steamed sprout.