December 01, 2014

Coconut and Dal Chutney Powder


The blended flavour of Fried lentils, Roasted coconut and garlic gives a wonderful side dish for Idli, Dosa, Uppma and Curd Rice (The best combo). It can be stored for 10 days and hence helps a lot during hectic schedule and also for travel...

Ingredients for making Coconut and dal Chutney Powder:

Urad dal 4 tb spoons
Chana dal 4 tb spoons
Garlic heads 10
Red chillies 10 to 12
Tamarind a small goose berry size
Fresh grated coconut 1 cup
Oil 3 tea spoons
Salt to taste

How to make Coconut and Dal Chutney Powder?



Heat  oil in a kadai and fry the dals and chillies together till they become brown and finally add the garlic heads and tamarind with them and fry for three minutes. 


Transfer them to a plate and allow them to cool.

Dry roast the coconut till the colour completely changes and keep aside.



Powder all ingredients together without coconut  to coarse powder with salt. 


Finally add the roasted coconut to them and grind for just 5 seconds.

Enjoy this tasty side dish with any tiffin of your choice!!