January 25, 2015

Coconut and Garlic Chutney (Restaurant Style)

It is a fact that we always prefer the chutneys that we get in the restaurants to the ones that are home made. Sometimes we would even wonder how their chutneys are so tasty. Here I give the recipe of exact restaurant style coconut chutneys with a garlic tint... 

How to make Coconut and Garlic Chutney?

Grind a cup of grated coconut, a table spoon of roasted gram, 4 garlic heads, small piece of tamarind, required salt and 3 green chilies with water. 

Saute it with mustard seeds and curry leaves in a tea spoon of oil. This chutney should be a little watery and not as thick as the traditional coconut chutney.

Restaurant Style Coconut and Garlic Chutney is ready to serve.


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