February 22, 2015

Tip# 84: Amazing uses of Hot water

The simplest recipe that anyone could make is the Hot water!  Do you know that this simplest hot water has unbelievable uses in the kitchen and helps us in many ways.....

Soak tamarind in hot water to extract the juice fully and easily.

Soak brown rice in hot water for 30 minutes for making it to boil and cook easily.

When washing vegetables like carrot for making raw salads, it is always hygienic to soak them in hot water and peel the skin.

Soak the washed lunch boxes of your kids for some time in hot water to get rid of any smell or stain. Often the caps of the water bottles look awful due to the dirt settled in the rims. Soak them in hot water and brush it.

Soak the kitchen towels and hand towels in hot water to make them germ free and grease free.


Get soft chapattis by using warm water for making the dough.

Hot water is a natural body regulator. If you kick start your day by drinking a glass of pure warm water, you can easily step towards a healthy life.

Add roasted cumin seeds in water and drink that water regulary to get good digestion power.


 Atleast once in a weak pour the hot water into the Kitch Sink to get rid of germs in the tube.


It is good to drink a cup of hot water after having ice creams to prevent throat pain.


Hot water is fantastic for helping our body to detox. When we drink hot water, our body temperature begins to rise, which results in sweat.


Hot water is particularly beneficial for digestion. Studies have shown that drinking cold water during or after a meal can harden the oil present in the consumed foods. This can create a fat deposit on the inner wall of our intestine. In addition, hot water is beneficial to digestion, which we want after a meal.

Once in a while soak the clothes we use to dust the furniture, wipe the kitchen tops etc in hot water in soap to get bright and neat clothes ready to use.

Whenever i empty my oil jars and put them to servant for washing, i just wipe out the jars cleanly with a newspaper and pour hot water into it and add some soap liquid or powder and let it to soak till the maid arrives. It helps her to wash them neatly.