June 05, 2015

Tofu and Bell Pepper Kathi Roll

Are you worried about your kids not finishing their lunch at school?? Here is a dish which they will ask for more.This simple, tasty and colourful roll is made of Tofu (made of soya milk) and so its healthy too..

Time: Preparation 15 minutes and Cooking time 10 minutes

Serves: 3



Tofu (soya paneer) - 1 pack

Bell Peppers           - 1 each (Yellow, green and red)

Onion      - 1

Tomatoes - 2

Tomato Sauce  -  1 tbspn

Chilli powder   -  1 tspn

Coriander powder - 2 tspn

Cumim powder - 1tspn

Garam masala powder  - 1 tspn

Saunf - 1 tspn



Cut the given vegetables and tofu into small cubes. In a kadai heat oil and add saunf. Now add onions and saute till it turns brown. Now add tomatoes and a pinch of salt for it to cook fast. Add bell peppers and all given dry powders. Finally add tofu, tomato sauce ,required salt and mix well. Allow it to cook for 2 - 3 minutes and switch off.

Take a roti and spread the tofu masala in one corner and roll it. For those who like smell and taste of  raw onions can add it on the stuffing before rolling it. For kids you can even add grated cheese. Tofu and Bell Pepper Kathi roll is ready to be served.

Note: Kathi roll roti  is usually made with maida but I made roti with wheat flour. You can make roti with maida or even  half wheat and half maida.