March 27, 2016

11 Tips to keep the Kitchen Mess-Free

A mess free Kitchen counter makes cooking enjoyable and tension free. While arranging my book shelf yesterday, I came across this article in an old book. I found this to be very useful and hence sharing this with you all adding some of my own tips too...

  • For cleaner counters, place all ingredients on an empty baking sheet prior to preparing them. (This will help you catch spills and avoid wasting time hunting for an item as you cook.)

  • Measure the ingredients over sink to avoid spills on the counter.

  • Once you decide the menu of the day, in small cups take the required quantity of necessary seasoning items like mustard seeds, cumin, fenugreek, urad dal and keep aside. When we heat the oil and then take the seasoning items one by one from the shelves there is a chance of spilling them on the counter tops in hurry.
  • Wash curry leaves, coriander leaves, chillies in advance, wipe them  and chop them finely and store in small boxes in refrigerator
  • To prevent an oil bottle from becoming greasy, secure a folded paper towel around its neck with a rubber band; the towel will absorb any drips.

  • Break a glass? If a tumbler tumbles, pick up the shards with a slice of white bread—even tiny slivers will cling to it. Even a ball of chappati or roti dough will do this.

  • To protect a treasured recipe card (or cookbook or magazine or phone) from splatters and stains, place it under a clean glass pot lid.

  • As you cook, toss scraps, peels and other garbage into a large bowl. This will contain messes and save time if a trash can isn’t readily accessible. Line the bowl with a plastic bag to make clean-up even easier.

  • Keep a bowl of soapy warm water by the sink as you cook to toss spoons and ladles right into it instead of cluttering the counter top.

  • Minimizing the number of objects situated on counter tops produces several benefits: more available counter top workspace; less accumulated mess to sort through; easier wipe down of surfaces.

  • Spread old papers on the kitchen top, then place the chopping board and cut vegetables. After chopping just remove the paper and throw it away. This will prevent the juices from veggies and fruits spilling on the top and save time from cleaning them.