May 15, 2016

A Quick Instant Pappad Snack

In Rajasthan  a  snack out of Pappad called Churi is made which is their traditional one. I added some veggies and spices to it and made it more healthy and colourful. A very healthy snack for all age groups when you crave to munch something crispy and spicy and healthy...

Pre time: 10 mins
Serves: 2

Ingredients for making Pappad Snack:

Uradh dal Pepper Pappad (I used Lijjad / Millagu Appallam ) 5
Fienly chopped onions 2 table spoons
Grated Carrot 2 tb spoons
Finely chopped cucumber 2 tb spoons
Lemon juice 2 tea spoons
Red chilli powder 1/4 tea spoon or Chaat masala powder 1/2 tea spoon
Roasted peanuts 1/4 cup
Corainder leaves chopped
Salt to taste
Bhujia or Oma podi or Mixture 2 tb spoons to make it more crunchy but it is purely optional.

How to make Pappad Snack?

  • Roast the pappad using a tawa or you can roast it directly on the stove flame or you can microwave it and keep aside.

  • Take a wide bowl and mix all the ingredients mentioned above except pappad and bhujia and mix well.

  • Now roughly crush the pappads and add it to the bowl and add the bhujia/mixture/oma podi too to it.

  • Give a fast mix and serve in cups.

  • Notes:
  • If you are serving to kids can fry the Pappads in oil and make the rest in the same way. 
  • Add spices like garam masala powder of your choice.
  • While adding salt keep in mind that the pappads already have salt in them and hence add aaccordingly.