May 25, 2016

Reshmi Paneer

A popular gravy served in Restaurants that pairs very well with spicy Pulao varieties, Indian bread varieties and Fried rice.  Reshmi Paneer is a true classic recipe that tastes delicious and looks glorious...

Pre time : 15 mins
Cooking time; 20 mins
Serves: 4

Ingredients needed for making Reshmi Paneer:

Paneer 200 gms
Tomato puree 4 table spoons
Thinly sliced onions 2
De seed the tomatoes and cut them to small fine pieces from 1 tomato
Green Capsicum thinly sliced 1
Garlic ginger paste 2 tea spoons
Kashmiri chilli Powder 1 tea spoon
Coriander seed powder 2 tea spoons
Cumin seed powder 1/4 tea spoon
Turmeric powder 1/4 tea spoon
Garam masala powder 1/4 tea spoon
Pepper powder 1/2 tea spoon
Cumin seeds 1 tea spoon
Fresh cream 3 table spoons
Salt to taste
Oil 2 table spoons
Butter 2 table spoons

How to make Reshmi Paneer?

Cut the Paneer in to long cubes and keep aside.
If you dont have tomato puree, boil 4 ripened tomatoes in water, remove the skin and grind them to paste and keep aside.

Heat a pan with butter and oil.
Do the seasoning with cumin seeds.
Fry the onions till they become light brown.
Add the capsicum and tomato pieces and fry for two minutes.
Add the ginger garlic paste and all powders except garam masala powder mentioned above and stir well.

Pour the tomato puree and add salt. Stir well.

Pour 2 cups of water and put the Paneer cubes in to them. Mix gently.

Simmer the stove and close the pan with a lid.
After 10 minutes switch off the stove add garam masala powder and  the fresh cream, mix and serve the yummy Reshmi Paneer.


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