June 17, 2016

Helpful tips to make your Kids Lunch Box Attractive

Making Lunchbox ready for kids may sound easy but practically it is a difficult task. Preparing something kids like but at the same time in a healthy and attractive way needs patience and creativity. A healthy lunchbox should help improve your child’s attention, behaviour and learning in the afternoon.With the help of these Smart Samayal Tips make your kids to feel excited about their Lunch meal....

  • Replace the regular refined flour with whole wheat.

  • Do the toppings for any tiffin item with colourful chopped vegetables. Try to fry them in low fat and add in the beginning to make them to love vegetables.

  • When you make items like Fried rice or any variety rice add some sprouts to it. 

  • While you keep idlis, rotis and dosas just draw a small smiley on the top with the sauce,  it will make your kid to start eating in good mood.

  • Kids like varieties. Try to get ideas from them what they like and what they tasted from their friend's lunch boxes.

  • Avoid packing the lunch boxes with mushy, sticky and too dry items.

  • When your kid completes the lunch box without wasting for a whole week, then give a hug and small toy to encourage them to continue the good habit.

  • Don't pack the lunch box with strong-smelling food.

  • In a small box give handful of dry fruits to have in the evening while they return from school. 

  • It should also contain a source of protein to keep children alert, complex carbohydrates for slow energy release, protein and calcium for growth, fat for staying power, and fruit and vegetables for vitamins and minerals.

  • Don't ever pack the box with the food made previous night.