August 07, 2016

Kothamalli Sadham / Coriander leaves Rice

Last week my friend called me to ask the recipe for the coriander leaves rice that is served in South Indian  marriages nowadays. Oh! it flashed immediately to me, how could I miss this to post in my blog? A very simple but aromatic and yummy though it is made without onion and garlic.An ideal lunch box recipe too...

Pre time: 05 mins
Cooking time: 10 mins
Serves: 3

Ingredients for making Kothamalli sadham / Coriander leaves:

Boiled rice  needed for three persons 1 large bowl
Fresh coriander leaves a large bunch neatly washed removing the root part
Tamarind a gooseberry size
Sesame / Gingelly oil 6 tea spoons
Red chillies 5
Urad dal 4 tea spoons
Asafoetida powder / hing 1/2 tea spoon

How to make Kothamalli Sadham / Coriander leaves Rice?

In a broad bowl put the boiled rice and drizzle 3 tea spoons of sesame oil on it and keep aside.
In a pan heat 3 tea spoons of oil and fry the rurad dal and red chillies with the tamarind till the dal becomes light brown.
Add the hing powder too.
Switch off the stove and put the washed and drained leaves to the pan and give few stirs.

Transfer the stuff to the blender with required salt.
Give few turns without adding water.
The consistency should be in between the paste and powder and coarse.
Transfer the powdered paste to the rice bowl and mix gently.
The Coriander rice is ready now to be served with any pappad or chips.


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