September 04, 2016

Perfect Thengai / Coconut Pooran

Thengai / Coconut Pooran is the authentic and traditional stuffing for making Modhak, Bholi and Sugiyan. Only if we get the pooran in right consistency,  we can get a perfect and good looking modhak, bholi or sugiyan. Follow these simple steps to get Perfect Coconut Pooran...

How to make Thengai Pooran?

Take fresh Grated Coconut 1 cup. While grating avoid grating till the end of the shell. 

While choosing the jaggery for Pooran try to get golden yellow colour jaggery. (Mandai Vellam and not Achchu Vellam).

Powdered Jaggery  3/4 cup

Cardamom powder 1/2 tea spoon

Ghee 3 tea spoons

Heat a pan and add 1/2 cup of water and put the jaggery into it and stir. Wait till it dissolves and filter it.

Again boil the syrup for two minutes.

Add the grated coconut to the boiling syrup and stir well. add a tea spoon of ghee to it.

After few minutes it will start to thicken.

Keep the flame to medium.

Add one more spoon of ghee and keep stirring.

When the moisture and vapour completely dries and the pooran comes together add the remaining ghee, cardamom powder and switch off the stove.

Don't stir till it becomes very hard like roti dough.

Because it will get tightened after switching off to some extent.

Let the consistency be little thin than the roti dough consistency.

In few minutes if you take the pooran from the pan you will be able to make balls out of it.

Tips :

Well matured coconuts with hard shells give good yeild of pooran than the tender ones that gives more of milk and make the pooran mushy and very soft.

The beginners can add 1 tea spoon of roasted gram powder (Pottukadalai Maavu) to the pooran before switching off the stove to ensure that the pooran does not give out juice while steaming the Kozhukattais.

The colour of the jaggery we choose determines the colour of the pooran.

If you can get dustfree and pure jaggery you can directly mix the grated coconut and jaggery powder and put them into the pan and make the pooran. The moisture in the coconut makes the jaggery to melt with heat.