October 29, 2016

Tip #26: Marvel Tips to use Curd in Daily Cooking

Curd or Dahi is an inevitable item of our daily food and it is consumed in any form in the course of our food.  This nourishing curd is a rich source of Calcium and Protein. It also boosts up immune power. It is easily digestible and has more of Vitamin B Complex.Here are some recipes from Smart Samayal Tips that can be made out of Curd...
  • After boiling the milk bring it to room temperature and add a tea spoon of starter curd and mix well to get a good quality of thick curd in 6 to 8 hours. Buffalo milk gives a very thick cake like curd where as cow milk gives jelly like curd.
  • During winter preheat the microwave oven for 3 minutes and keep the cultured milk in it and close the oven.
  • Always remember the milk should neither be cold or hot but it should be warm to get good and thick curd.
  • Dry roast 3 tea spoons of urad dal to golden color. Powder it finely. Mix it with a bowl of curd. Add required salt and finely chopped tomatoes and coriander leaves. Do the seasoning with mustard seeds and green chillies. Aromatic raitha is ready to eat.
  • Mix a tea spoon of idli powder (Idli milagai podi) in a cup of curd and have it with dosa or adai to get a fantastic combination. It tastes very good for Upma varieties also
  • Cut and remove  the brown corners of the 10 bread slices. Sprinkle 2 tea spoons of water on the bread. Add finely chopped green chillies, coriander leaves, salt and mix them well and make like a dough. Round them in to small balls on a broad bowl. garnish with fresh curd and pepper powder for healthy evening snack for kids. 
  • Grind some coriander leaves, Mint leaves, green chillies and ginger with salt to paste.Mix them in a bowl of curd and serve as side dish for any Parathas or Idli or Dosa.
  • Adding a cup of curd to whole wheat flour while making dough for Chapattis gives fluffy and soft Chappatis.
  • If you don't have time to set the rava dosa batter  or wheat flour dosa batter  and want to make it instantly, just add 2 ladles of curd to the batter,  mix well the batter and make dosas.
  • Curd acts as the best agent of Marinating vegetables like Cauliflower, Taro root before frying.
  • Make dosas by mixing a cup of curd to freshly ground dosa batter to get crispy and awesome dosas.
  • Add half cup of curd while making Lady's finger shallow fry to get non-sticky fry.
  • Add a cup of curd while making mint rice or Tomato rice to water and  get extra flavoured and rich rice.
  • When you make coconut Chutney and feel that it tastes too hot add 2 tea spoons of curd to balance the taste. 
  • Add a cup of blended curd to mashed potato with salt and garnish with pepper powder and cumin seed powder for Aloo raitha.
  • A bowl of fresh chill curd with seasonal fruits is the healthy way to start the day with.