July 05, 2014

Chana Dal Pulao

A differently flavoured rice variety with an exquisite look and highly suitable for Kid’s parties..


Overnight soaked and boiled chana dal 1 cup
Shallots (Small onion) 15 to 20
Red chillies 4
Tomatoes 4
Kasoori  methi 1 tb spoon
Grated coconut 2 tb spoon
Cummin seeds 1 tea spoon
Garlic pearls 10
Bay leaves, Cinnamon and cloves
Basmathi rice or Briyani rice  2 cups
Oil 3 tb spoon
Ghee or butter  1 tb spoons


Step 1
Wash the rice, drain the water completely and fry it for 5 minutes in 2 tea spoons of ghee and keep aside.

Step 2
Heat a pan. Add 2 tea spoons of ghee. Fry 7 shallots, 5 garlic pearls, red chillies, cumin seeds and allow them to cool. Then grind them with the coconut into fine paste.

Step 3
Boil the tomatoes in hot water, peel off the skin and make a pulp of it.

Final step
Heat the cooker. Add the rest of ghee or butter and oil. Put the cloves, cinnamon sticks and bay leaves. Fry them. Add the remaining onions, garlic and the masala paste and tomato pulp. Fry well. Then add the kasoori methi leaves and the rice. Mix all well. Add the boiled chana dal. Add 4 cups of water and required salt. Close it with the lid. When the steam comes out forcibly put the weight and keep the flame to minimum or very low. Allow to boil for 15 minutes. Then switch off the stove. Can be served with any raitha.

Note: To make the pulao  rich, coconut milk can be added instead of water.