August 12, 2014

Please Don't Read This!

My Dear BHOJANA Readers!

You might be wondering why I have chosen such a title asking you not to read this post, because this post is not related to any recipes or cooking. This post is just a small note about you and me. Please have a look at our Previous Recipe if you wish to ignore this..

Ever since (not much, just 3 months!) I started this blog with Sathyasri Krishnan, I was literally confused about the future of this blog. How am I going to maintain this blog for a long run? But now I am having a great hope and confidence that I can continue this blog till my life time. All the credits goes to you all, my encouraging and true blog Readers!! I want to admit that I am not a professional in cooking and blogging. Also I am a very bad photographer. I am seeing many food blogs showing good recipes with high quality photographs attracting everyone. You would have seen my blog with photographs of poor quality.  My sincere apologies for that and now I am trying to concentrate a bit more on it. 

With God’s blessings and your encouraging support, Bhojana Recipes has reached the next level. The popular Tamil fortnightly Women Magazine “AVAL VIKATAN” has published an article about BHOJANA RECIPES. Click Here to Read the Article. You can call this number 044-66802912 to hear out my exciting and healthy tips from 12/08/2014 to 25/08/2014. Thanks to Aval Vikatan!

My whole hearted thanks to all my blog readers for their constant support and encouragement. I won’t say my blog has this much number of fans and page views everyday but I want to say I have true readers who are cheering and steering me up by giving valuable suggestions and feedback for the recipes and tips that we are posting in Bhojana. I really wish to have your comments and opinions which will help this newbie blog to reach better levels in the future. Thank You All!!

With Delight,

Subhashni Venkatesh.


  1. Wiw....soo happy to see..congrats and keep going...

  2. Hai mam I read ur interview in aval vikadan after that only I came to this blog. Keep rocking madam

  3. Your blog proves that with interest and hard work, anything is possible. Our best wishes to your son, who encouraged to start the blog. Without your son, we wouldn't know bhojana recipes. With family help and guidance, all mum can achieve a lot in their own way. I take this opportunity to suggest , our food has lots of medicinal value. Research about that and with your recipes. After all, what we eat is what we are!

    1. Thanx a lot for your wishes and suggestion. People like you are always needed for right guidance.

  4. Hello madam, you blog is excellent. I'm sure it is very helpful to many, especially to us who are away from home land. I also landed on your blog after reading Aval Vikatan article.
    Thanks for the great service.
    Sundar, Seattle

  5. Thank you so much sir!! Keep reading our blog..