August 05, 2014

Tip #1: How to make Ready-to-eat Dosa without side dish?

Hello Bhojana Readers!

Hope you are enjoying reading our recipes.. Hereafter, beside the recipes, I would also like to share some of my Ideas and Tips that I apply in my everyday cooking, so that you can also try it out... Feel free to post your suggestions and queries in the comment box..

 Everyday in the morning, especially the weekdays, we are running short of time to make breakfast for every one in the family. And also we are fed up with making same type of dosas.. Try this Smart Samayal Tip and get the appreciation from every one!!

If there is the stock of dosa batter in your refrigerator just add the grounded paste of green chillies, ginger, onion and coriander leaves and make dosa. You can have it just with the curd or even plain. If there is no batter no problem. Take 2 cups of wheat flour and 1/2 cup of rice flour and make a batter with salt and water. Add the paste and make hot, spicy dosas.