September 17, 2014

Curry Leaves Powder and Rice (Karuveppilai Podi)

Curry leaves which are used in daily cooking has a number of health benefits. It is rich in iron and also strengthens hair root. It also enhances digestion process. This Curry leaves powder can be stored for a long time and used in different ways. This Fragrant and Yummy powder is usually had with boiled rice and on busy days it helps a lot to make lunch box ready in no time... 

Ingredients for making Curry Leaves Powder:

Microwaved Curry Leaves

Washed and Wiped Fresh  Curry leaves - 1 big bowl

Channa dhal 2 table spoons

Urad dhal 2 table spoons

Red chillies 6

Black pepper 1 tea spoon

Salt to taste

Method for making Curry Leaves Powder:

Place the curry leaves on a Kitchen towel and Microwave them for few minutes at regular intervals of time till they become crispy.

Fry the rest of the Ingredients in a table spoon of oil in a Pan till they become brown.

Allow them all to cool for a while.

Add salt and a tea spoon of jaggery and powder in a mixer.

This powder can be added to any india gravy for extra taste and can be mixed with sesame oil and served as side dish for idli and dosa.

Curry Leaves Rice:

This is a healthy and tasty Lunch box recipe which can be had with crisps or raitha. 

Take needed quantity of boiled rice in a broad vessel.Sprinkle a tea spoon of ghee and oil on the rice and allow it to cool for 15 minutes. Add required quantity of curry leaves powder, roasted groundnut and cashew to it. In a table spoon of oil add mustard seeds, a pinch of hing and finely chopped green chillies and saute it. Add to the rice and mix gently. The Green and Rich Rice is ready to eat.


  1. Curry leaves are very good for health and this is a great recipe to use to regularly..

  2. I normally make plain curry leaves powder & use it while cooking