October 11, 2014

Tip # 62: Special Diwali Tips

With the help of these small changes from your regular way of doing Diwali Savories and Sweets, you will get a different tasty and crispy items.Try out these Smart Samayal Tips..

Add a cup of thick coconut milk to Murukku or Thattai or Thenkuzhal dough to get crispy and white savories.


Instead of adding red chilli powder grind green chillies to paste with water and add them to the dough. If it doesn't grind very finely mix with water and add the filtered chilli water to the dough. 


Ginger juice can be added while making the dough for making the savories easily digestible.

When you do mixture add a table spoon of sugar to give it a punch and also it helps the mixture to stay crisper long time.

Add warm water to make dough for murukku, Naada and thenkuzhal which makes it to stay crisper for long time.

Add a drop of rose essence to the syrup of Gulab Jamun instead of elaichi powder.


For making Groundnut chikki or Roasted channa chikki take equal quantity of Sugar and jagerry to make it look glossy.

Add any fruit essence a drop to the sugar syrup while making Laddus.

To make thin Bholis add powdered sugar instead of jagerry.Milk powder can be added with Maida for making the outer cover for bholis.

For  thenkuzhal instead of adding cumin seeds add white sesame.

Add 3 teaspoons of butter or ghee to the rice or besan flour and mix well with chilli powder and salt. Then add water to make the dough for any savory. It will give crunchy and crispy ones.

Get solid hing for making any savory. Add those pieces in warm water well in advance and add that water to the dough for more flavored ones.