October 12, 2014

Tip #63: Nine Tips to make the Perfect and Tempting Bajjis

Bajjis!!!! Who can say no to this lovely, ever tempting, hot snack? It is one of the Traditional snacks of Tamil Nadu made on all special occasions and to guests. During my Childhood days In my Mother's house every year, the previous evening of the Diwali, Bajji is the mandatory snack. If Diwali doesn't fall on a new moon day (Amaavaasai), then Onion bajjis and Idli with Chutney, Sambhar and Okkarai is the Breakfast Menu. Here I give you some Smart Samayal Tips to make Fluffy, Tasty, Spicy and Perfect Bajjis.....

  • Make the batter for Bajjis with 2 cups Besan flour, 2 table spoons rice flour, Salt, half a pinch of cooking soda and a cup of Idli batter.

  • Adding Idli batter helps to make the batter to coat well on the vegetable used and gives fluffy bajjis because of the addition of Urad dhal in the batter.

  • In case you don't have Idli batter add 2 table spoons of Corn flour.

Click Here to know the recipe of Onion Bajjis
  • The batter should not be watery. It must be thick.

  • Add Kashmiri chilli powder to the batter to get original red colour instead of adding food colour to the batter as they do in shops.

  • When you are doing it for kids and parties add crushed garlic or garam masala powder to the batter to make it spicy.

  • To make Chilli Bajjis split them vertically in to two and remove the seeds. Then dip each half separately into the batter and make Milagai Bajjis.

  • During Apple season cup apples into thin rounds and make Bajjis. It tastes really good.