December 27, 2014

Home made French Fries

French Fries! Everybody's favorite snack!! Who can resist munching french fries after seeing it? Here is the simple recipe of French Fries with no compromise in taste. Make French Fries at home and surprise your Kids. Have it as side dish for Pulao varieites or as Snacks with tomato sauce...


How to make French Fries?

Take big fresh potatoes.

Wash them well.

Peel off the skin with a knife.

Cut them into long pieces of equal size.









Boil water till it rolls on in a big vessel enough for the potato pieces to get immersed.

Put the potato pieces into the water and switch off the stove.












Let the pieces be in the water for just 10 minutes.

After ten minutes drain out the water and spread the potato pieces on a plate.

Sprinkle 2 tb spoons of corn flour on them and mix gently.

Heat oil in a pan and fry the potato pieces coated with corn flour till they become golden brown.









Sprinkle red chilli powder and salt on the fried stuff and serve.


  1. I am a great fan of your recipes. They are very well documented both with instructions as well as supporting pictures to have an idea of what it should/could/would be like :-). Whenever in doubt, I rush to your site and try out a new one that I would like for my family to eat.
    Thanks for your your continued support for the hapless like me!