February 02, 2015

Tip # 74: Some Interesting Cooking Tips

Though I have posted many cooking tips in my Smart Samayal Tips series here are some more tips for you to make the cooking more enjoyable and delicious.....

  • Before chopping nuts in a food processor, dust them with flour. This keeps the nuts from sticking to the processor.

  • A pinch of turmeric powder added to all kinds of dal when cooking hastens the cooking process.

  • Dried Herbs and spices lose their potency quickly. Buy only a small amount at a time. When using fresh herbs an spices, use 3 times the amount of the dried.  

  • Add 1/2 tea spn of sugar while cooking beetroot in cooker. This avoids the spreading/splashing of color.

  • If by mistake you have added too much tomatoes to a Curry and it turned out a bit oily and sour, don't worry add 4-5 cubes of ground breadcrumbs along with 1/2 tsp.of sugar to the curry and mix well.

  • Remove the stems from chilies before storing them. This will keep them fresher for a long.

  • Add a little salt when frying tomatoes, this helps to get them mushy faster.

  • To avoid sticky rice, soak washed rice in water for at least ten minutes before cooking. A teaspoon of oil can be added to get separate grains of cooked rice.

  • When you are making vadas, if the batter is watery - you will have the problem of oil splattering when you fry it. Add a tablespoon of ghee to the batter and your problem will be solved.

  • Wipe the blades of greasy knives with a peeled lemon .

  • You'll get more pop out of your popcorn if you store it in the freezer and pop while still frozen.

  • Do not hold any spice powder packets directly on the dish while cooking, the hot vapors get into the packet and spoil the powder. Take out the required amount of powder on a spoon and then add it to the dish.

  • To remove black stains in cooker or vessels, add a small piece of lemon and 1/2 cup water. Heat for few minutes and wash immediately.