September 23, 2015

Garlic Kuzhambu (பூண்டு குழம்பு)

This Garlic Kuzhambu tastes unique and more delicious than the normal Garlic kuzhambu. Once you taste this garlic kuzhambu, no doubt that  it will become your favorite!! Add this to hot steaming rice and enjoy with potato fry as side dish...


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Ingredients for making Poondu Kuzhambu

Garlic pearls  20

Shallots 15

Tomatoes 3

Tamarind a  lemon size

Gingelly oil 2 tb spoons 


For Kuzhambu Masala:

2 tb spoons of Coriander seeds

Red chillies 7

Fennel seeds (Saunf) 1tea spoon

Raw rice 2 tea spoons

Coconut pieces of 1 inch 3 or 4

Oil 3 tea spoons  

Chopped tomatoes from 1 tomato












Heat the kadai with oil and roast the coriander seeds, raw rice, 

fennel seeds, red chillies to golden brown. Add 5 garlic pearls and 

fry for few seconds. Now add the coconut pieces and fry for a

minute. Transfer them to a plate. In the kadai fry the chopped 

tomatoes for a minute and to the fried ingredients. After they get

cooled grind them to fine paste and keep aside.








Method for making Poondu Kuzhambu:










Heat the pan with 2 tb spoon of gingelly oil. Add mustard seeds, 

half tea spoon of fenu greek  and curry leaves. Then add garlics, 

shallots and rest of tomatoes and fry for a few minutes . 











Add tamarind juice and salt. Allow them to boil well. Finally add 

the Kuzhambu  masala. Boil the Gravy till it thickens.