January 09, 2016

Milagu Vadai/Anjaneyar Vadai (Pepper and cumin seed fritters)

Milagu vadai is a deep fried snack made of urad dal, pepper corns and cumin seeds. Unlike other vadais it has more shelf life and can be kept for days and used. We also call it as Anjaneyar vadai since we offer this to God Anjaneyar (Hanuman) on Hanuman Jeyanthi and on Saturdays we make Vadai Garland to him. Here is the simplest  recipe of the crispy Milagu Vadai....


Ingredients for making Milagu Vadai:


Urad dal 1 cup

Pepper corns 2 tea spoons

Cumin seeds 1 tea spoon

Salt to taste

Rice flour 2 tea spoons

Oil for frying

Method for making Milagu Vadai:

Powder the urad dal in a mixie coarsely. Add the pepper corns, salt, cumin seeds and rice flour to it and run the mixie for a while. Now the coarse vadai powder is ready.

Heat Oil in a heavy bottomed kadai. While it gets heated make the dough ready.







Add some warm water to the powder and knead to a dough enabling to make it in to small balls. Add two tea spoons of hot oil to the dough and knead well. (The warm water should be hot enough to bear the heat by fingers.)

Now grease your palm well and take the small balls out of batter and keep them on the palm and press it with the other palm. Make small hole in the middle. 

Deep fry them in the oil in medium flame patiently.

The milagu vadai is ready. 







Note: If you are doing the vadai in large quantities, divide the vadai flour to small portions and add water frreshly and make the dough for each lot of frying.