February 23, 2016

Traditional Rasam Powder Recipe

Though sambhar powder could also be used to make rasam,  this authentic rasam powder helps to make perfect traditional rasam and with this powder we can make a number of varieites of rasam with some alterations in the method of making. Rasam is the traditional soup made with tamarind juice as the base and pepper, cumin seeds, coriander seeds spices. Rasam gives a soothing feeling and warmth to the throat, acts as an appetizer, enhances digestion and above all tastes very yummy...

Ingredients for making Traditional Rasam Powder:

Dhania (Coriander seeds) 3 cups

Thur dhal 1 cup

Bengal gram 1/2 cup

Pepper 3 tb spoon

Cumin seeds 2 tb spoon

Red chillies15

Turmeric root 1 piece (Viralli Manjal) or Turmeric powder 1 tea spoon

Mustard seeds 1 tea spoon

How to make Traditional Rasam Powder?

Heat a heavy bottomed pan. Dry roast each ingredient separately. Follow the given tips while roasting:


1. The dhals should turn pink but not brown.

2. Pepper corns should be roasted till they pop out.

3. Roast the red chillies just till they become warm and don't over roast.

4. Coriander seeds also should be roasted just for 2 minutes. Transfer it to a plate when the seeds are about to change their colour.

5. No need to roast cumin seeds and mustard seeds. If cumin seeds are roasted they will give a medicinal flavour. 

6. If turmeric root is to be used crush them with a stone and give a stir in the warm kadai. If your are using turmeric powder, add the powder finally directly to the rasam powder.

7. Keep the flame in medium and roast the ingredients.


After all the ingredients get cooled, grind them to coarse powder in the mixie (add turmeric powder if root turmeric is not added) . The Rasam powder should not be a fine powder like sambar powder. Mustard seeds help to get rasam in right consistency. 


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