April 28, 2016

Tips #30: Tidy, Clean and Smell Free Kitchen

A clean kitchen helps to minimize germs and reduce the risk of illness. A sparkling Kitchen becomes the bench mark of Hygiene. Make use of these Smart Samayal Tips to have an Organized and Tidy Kitchen...


Wash and disinfect the kitchen bin at least once in a week. Always keep it closed. Empty it daily.

A junky stove can be cleaned just with a hot water wipe.


Thoroughly wash counter tops before start cooking.

Periodically wipe the kitchen doors, windows, panels, Knobs and rods with cleaning agent to have sparkling kitchen.


Mineral deposits and water spots on the tap can be removed by cleaning with white Vinegar.


Make sure that the utensils are rinsed well after soaping.


Periodically give a clean wash to your stove burners.

Wash your hands neatly before handling any ingredients for cooking.


Wash all dish towels regularly in hot water with soap and keep it dry and clean.


Change the kitchen sponge using for cleaning vessels as often as possible. (once in a month)


Wipe up spills then and some salt there to avoid staining in the floor. Just sprinkle salt on the stain. Cut a lemon into half and scrub on the stain with salt. See the magic!!!!


Make sure that your kitchen sink is empty while you start cooking. So that you can dump the utensils then and there in the sink and avoid over dumping on the slab.


Keep cleaning materials close by to use often. Don't use any strong acids for kitchen items.


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