August 24, 2016

Paal Poli / Milk Poli

Instead of Payasam this sweet is made on certain occasions like Aavani avitam and Krishna Jayanthi. It is a traditional, mouth melting delicacy. The fried polis soaked in creamy milk with powdered nuts taste heavenly...

Pre time : 15 mins
Cooking time : 15 mins

Ingredients for making Paal poli 
Milk 500 ml
All purpose flour / maida 5 tb spoons
Sooji / rava / Semolina 3/4 tb spoon
Salt just half a pinch
Cashews and Almond 5 each powdered very coarsely together
Sugar 5 tb spoons , Cardamoms 3 powdered together
Oil for frying
Saffrin strings 3 or 4

How to make Paal Poli / Milk Poli?

Mix maida and Rava together with half a pinch of salt and add water to knead to a soft dough to the roti dough consistency.

Apply a teaspoon of ghee on the dough and keep it aside closed.

In a broad heavy bottomed or non stick pan boil milk.

While the milk is getting boiled in another stove heat oil in a pan and keep it in medium  flame.

Take small marble size balls from the dough and roll to small circles.

Fold them to half and then to quarters and gain make them to a small circle.

To get perfect round use a box lid and press it on the rolled rotis.
Keep the rotis at the side.

Add saffron strings and powdered sugar and nuts  to boiling milk once the milk  becomes 3/4 in quantity.

Mix well and once the milk becomes thick switch off the stove.

Start frying the pooris in the oil when it is heated well to golden brown.

Let the fried pooris be dropped into he milk after the oil is drained.

While serving take the pooris out and pour a lade of creamy milk on it and serve.


  1. Great idea.. Thank you for posting this delicious recipe..will try surely. from

  2. while making paal for poli during boiling milk if we add grinded dry coconut powder and Gasalu powder and if boiled this milk will taste excellant for pasl poli we prepare in this way if possible try