October 06, 2014

Seppankizhangu Traditional Curry (Taro root Fry)

Seppankizhangu(Taro root) is also known as Chembu is used in different ways in our cooking. It is used in Morekuzhambu, Puliyitta Kuzhambu, Curry etc.,. In Kerala and Kanyakumari we get a special type of Seppankizhangu called as Paal Chembu which is good for making Olan. Now most of us make Seppankizhangu deep fry as side dish. Try this traditional curry also. Out of all these Seppankizhanu recipes, Chembu fry tastes delicious with coated spices. It is crispy in the outer and soft inside. When you have Sambhar rice and Rasam rice with this Seppankizhangu shallow fry........ You should taste and feel it!!!

Ingredients needed for Seppankizhangu Shallow fry Curry:

Boiled and peeled Seppankizhangu (Taro root)  

Oil 4 table spoons

Turmeric powder


Red chilli powder


Besan powder and raw rice powder 1 table spoon each

Method for making Seppan kizhangu Shallow fry Curry:


Cut the boiled Seppankizhangu to 1/2 inch thickness of pieces. 


Heat the pan with oil. Do the seasoning with mustard seeds and uradh dhal. 


Add turmeric powder, salt, hing powder, red chilli powder  to the oil and add the chopped Seppankizhangu to it and mix gently. 


Keep the stove in medium flame and stir at the interval of 5 minutes. When the vegetables gets fried well sprinkle the besan flour and rice flour and mix well.


After 5 minutes  tranfer it to the serving bowl.

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When you buy this Seppankizhangu choose the ones which are almost spherical,  instead of the ones that are broad at the bottom with thinner tops.

This root vegetable becomes very sticky if over cooked. It comes out very well if boiled in the steamer basket of the rice cooker. If you are cooking in pressure cooker just 2 whistles are enough. Before boiling wash them well to remove the soil. After boiling don't wash them in cold water. Allow them to cool and then peel off the skin.


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