October 05, 2014

Tip #57: Magical Mango Tips

There is a  saying in Tamil that the The Raw Mango (Maangai) feeds the food not fed by Mom. That is the taste of Rawmango is compared to  the food fed by Mom with love. Who can easily  refuse to have Raw mango pieces coated with chilli powder and Salt in Exhibitions? Apart from making Pickles, Raw mango can be used in different ways in our cooking and it can be used as a versatile cooking ingredient. Here are some Smart Samayal Tips to use Raw Mangoes:

While making Kootu with Ashgourd, Cucumber and Bottle gourd, add some grated mango with the vegetable while boiling to give extra punch to the kootu. It makes the blunt taste to Super taste.


We make lenitls for mixing with plain rice with thur dhal and moongh dhal. While boiling the dhal add some mango pieces, green chillies and grated ginger. After boiling smash them well and do the seasoning. This tastes very good and different.


During mango season we buy raw mangoes in huge quantity and cut them in to big long pieces and dry them under sun till they become completely dry and store in bottles. Pepper kuzhambu made out of this dried mango pieces tastes heavenly.



Cut mango into thin long strips and add salt. This crunchy salt mango known as Keethu mangai is a good combination for Sambhar rice.



Make usual rasam by adding raw mango pulp instead of tamarind juice. Feel and taste the difference!!!

During mango season boil raw mango pieces in water and do sambhar without tamarind. It tastes different and yummy.



Raw mango blends very well with the Raddish. While making Radish parathas add some grated mango and Ginger to get extraordinary tatse.

While making coconut chutney add some coriander leaves, peeled raw mango pieces with a small piece of jagery. It goes very well with rice and tiffin items.



In a Scraper grate the raw mangoes and add powdered jagery to them and make jam out of it by adding 2 tea spoons of ghee. Use this as spreads on bread and can be used to make Mango Sweet parathas.



Take Finely chopped peeled mango pieces or grated mango a cup. Saute mustard seeds, green chillies, ginger, uradh dhal and hing in 2 table spoons of sesame oil. Add the mangoes and stir well. Add salt. Add this to cooked rice. Garnish with curry leaves and Coriander leaves  and make Mango rice for lunch box.   



Adding raw mango pieces and chopped coconut to any sundal gives crunchy and tangy taste enhances the flavour.



Add semi ripened boiled mango pieces to Morekuzhambu. We do this often during mango season and tastes yummy.



In a bowl take boiled potato cubes, cooked Channa, grated carrot, Raw mango pieces, Chopped onions and sprinkle required sugar, chat masala and salt. A different evening snack for your kids is ready. 



The tangy and sourness of raw mangoes suit very well to be included in dips and sauces.



Boiled sweet corn tossed with chopped onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, diced raw mango and spring onions gives out a wonderful salad.