November 07, 2014

Akkaravadisal (Rice and Milk Pudding with Moong dal)

Akkaravadisal is the Exquisite and Lip Smacking Delicacy of Tamilnadu. Traditionally Jagery is used as sweetening agent and today I used Sugar instead of Jagerry. It also serves as an excellent desert when kept in Refrigerator and served. The creamy and luscious Akkaravadisal tempts everybody...



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 Ingredients for making Akkaravadisal:

Raw rice 1 cup

Moong dal 2 table spoons

Whole Milk 4 to 5 cups

Sugar 2 cups

Ghee 1 table spoon

Saffron strings 4 (soak them in a table spoon of warm milk)

Dry fruits as you wish

Method for making Akkaravadisal:


The secret of the deliciousness of this sweet lies in the creamy milk used and the time taken to cook the rice and dal in milk. The more time it takes for cooking, the more it tastes yummy....



Take a pressure pan or cooker. Dry roast the washed and drained rice and moong dhal for few minutes and add milk to it. Close the pan with the lid. Wait till the steam gushes out. Put the weight and keep the flame in minimum (very low). Let it boil for 40 minutes. Switch off the stove.

After some time open the lid and again switch on the stove. Keep stirring the mix by adding sugar. Stir till the mix thickens and comes together. Add the saffron strings to it. Fry the dry fruits in ghee and add to the pudding and serve hot or chilled.