December 24, 2014

Idiyappam (Rice String Hoppers)

Idiyappam is a  simple, tasty recipe and very easily digestible one since it is steamed. It is a regular breakfast item of the people of Kerala and Tamilnadu. Though ready mix Idiyappam is available in the shops, making it with home made flour tastes exceptionally soft, fresh and good.  Idiyappam can be made easily once we make the flour ready and keep a stock of it. Vegetable stew, Kuruma and Kadappa are the side dishes that suit idiyappam very well. We also have it with morekuzhambu...  

Recipes of Idiyappam side dishes: Vegetable Stew, Vegetable Kuruma, Kadappa

How to make Idiyappam Flour?























Soak good quality of raw rice in water for 3 hours.

Wash it well and drain the water out.

Spread the drained rice on a clean cloth and allow it to dry under shade for 5 hours.

Powder it in a mixie finely.

Sieve the flour and take the smooth powder.

Dry roast the rice flour in a kadai patiently in medium flame in small lots say 2 cups for seven to eight minutes.

After they get cooled store them in air tight boxes.

Now the Idiyappam flour is ready.

How to make Idiyappam?

Boil two litres of water in a vessel adding some salt and 3 tea spoons of oil. When the bubbles start coming switch off the stove.











Keep the flour ready in a broad vessel. Add the boiled water to it and keep stirring with a ladle. When it comes to the consistency of the chapathi dough stop adding the water.

























Now make small balls of the dough and put inside the Idiyappam maker. Press it on a greased idli plate. Steam them out for 10 minutes. Now the Idiyappam is ready to eat with your favorites side dishes.