December 25, 2014

Oniona and Tomato Kuruma

A very easy to make Kuruma that tastes extraordinarily well. Once you  taste this, I  guarantee that you will become an addict to this. This kuruma surprisingly also goes very well with Idli and Dosa. A mild spicy gravy with the richness of onion and tomato is one of the best combination for the Indian bread varieties too..


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Ingredients for making Onion and Tomato Kuruma:

Chopped onions from 3 onions

Tomato puree taken from 5 ripened tomatoes

Slitted green chillies 2

Oil 2 tb spoons

Red chilli powder 1 tea spoon

Curry leaves and coriander leaves for garnishing

For Gravy Paste:










Dry roast a small cinnamon stick, 4 cloves, 4 cashews and 1 tb spoon Roasted gram (Pottukadalai) till the stuff get warm and transfer to a plate. Add a tb spoon of grated coconut and a tea spoon of fennel seeds (Saunf/Sombu) with them and grind to fine paste and keep aside.

How to make the Onion and Tomato Kuruma?

Grind the tomatoes to juice and keep aside.












Heat a pan with oil and fry onions and green chillies finely. Then add the tomato juice and keep the flame in medium. Let them boil well till the oil separates.

Now add salt and red chilli powder. Mix well.

After 2 minutes add the Gravy paste and stir well. Taste it for salt and hotness. Add more chilli powder or salt if you need.











Add 2 cups of water and wait till the gravy thickens. Garnish with coriander leaves and Curry leaves.