January 08, 2015

Instant Dosa

This dosa comes in hand whenever I get  confused  what to make for dinner? An ordinary instant dosa is made special with some additions. Try this once and you will start making it often since very easy and tasty.....

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Ingredients for making Instant Dosa:










Whole wheat flour 1 cup

Raw rice flour 2 cups

All purpose flour 1 cup

Rava (Sooji) 1/2 cup(Semolina)

Finely chopped green chillies 2 tea spoons

Finely chopped onions 1 cup

Chopped coriander leaves and curry leaves

Grated Ginger 1 tea spoon

Required salt

How to make Instant Dosa?

Mix all the above ingredients well and add water. Make it to a batter thinner than ordinary dosa batter.

Allow them to get soaked for 1 hour.

After 1 hour, heat the tawa. Once it is heated, keep the flame to medium. Sprinkle a teaspoon of oil and spread it over the tawa.










This dosa cannot be made like normal dosa. Take a ladle of batter and pour it in circular motion over the tawa from the outer corners and make dosa.










Before making every dosa, don't forget to mix the batter well since the flours will settle at bottom easily.

The thin, crispy and netted dosas are ready now.