January 21, 2015

Ragi Halwa

 An easy, healthy and lip smacking Halwa made of Ragi needs less ghee than the Wheat Halwa and It tastes more delicious. Try this and enjoy the new dessert...

Ingredients for making Ragi Halwa:

Ragi  500 gms

Sugar 750 gms

Pure ghee 200 gms

Cashews roasted in ghee

Method for making Ragi Halwa:

Wash the ragi and soak it in water for over night. Then grind it in a mixie by adding some water. Grind it well. Filter it with a thin white cloth or filter and extract the milk like juice. You can also add water and squeeze while filtering. Keep it aside for an hour. The thicker part of the juice sediments at the bottom. Pour out the watery portion remaining in the top of the vessel. 

















In a heavy bottomed broad pan or cooker pan boil the extracted and filtered Ragi milk. Keep stirring. When the ragi milk gets cooked it becomes thicker and forms into paste consistency. Keep stirring in medium flame.


















When the total milk gets cooked and becomes a paste add the sugar into the pan. When the sugar dissolves the lumps form. Don't bother. Keep stirring. When the sugar is fully absorbed by the ragi and the stuff thickens keep adding ghee in small lots then and there and keep stirring. Add a pinch of food colour and mix well. 












When the total stuff comes together without sticking to the Pan add the roasted cashews. Now the Delicious Halwa is ready...








  1. Is that possible to make ragi halwa with ragi flour? Instead of buying a ragi and grind it? Thanks

    1. Yes. You can very well use the ragi flour. Use 2 cups of sugar for i cup of ragi flour.First dilute the ragi flour in 4 cups of water and stir it and the rest same method. The colour will be darker in this method