January 17, 2016

Kaipuli (No Fire, No Wire Instant kuzhambu)

This instant kuzhambu is the great invention of my mother inlaw for which our family is addicted. Once in a while for dinner we ask her to make this to have with hot steaming rice and pappads. Once you make this and taste, you will become a fan of this ....

Ingredients for making Kaipuli:


Serves 4 people

A gooseberry size Tamarind

Green chillies and red chillies 2 each chopped roughly to pieces

Jagerry a small piece

Shallots chopped to pieces from 12 shallots

Curry leaves

Crystal Salt to taste

Sesame oil 2tea spoons

Hing powder 1/4 tea spoon











How to make Kaipuli?

Extract 300 ml of  juice from tamarind using drinking water and keep aside

Take all other ingredients with crystal salt and mash them well with hand for few minutes.

If you have any hand hand grinding crusher or pounding appliance or stone you can crush them slightly.

Then add them to the tamarind water.

Add two tea spoons of raw sesame oil to it and the aromatic, spicy and tangy kuzhambu is ready.


Once you taste this you will realize its heavenly taste.


  1. Never knew raw ingredients cant taste this good :) Tried it and it is amazing!

  2. yes.it is heavenly. we in kerala used to have this dish in the morning for breakfast with pazhyakanji meaning old kanji(leftover rice from previous night mixed with water). Now no one takes it, they have idli and dosa for breakfast.

  3. subhashini it is just chokkattanpuli in water. Yes. Very tasty.