April 04, 2016

Home made Garlic Butter Naan

Here is the simple and easy steps to make Butter Naan. Butter Naan is one of the most delicious Indian bread variety.  Naan bread is made using a special oven called Tandoor in restaurants with Maida. This can also be made at home on our regular stove very easily and tasting equally to restaurant Naans with Whole Wheat Flour. 

Pre time: 15 mins
Cooking time: 30 mins
Setting time: 2 hours
Serves: 4

Ingredients for making Home made Garlic Butter Naan:

Whole wheat flour 2 cups

Maida/All purpose flour 1 cup

Dry Yeast 2 tea spoons

Sugar 1 tb spoon

Curd 200 ml

Crushed Garlic from 10 pods 

Salt to taste 

Oil 5 tb spoons 

Butter 50 to 100 gms

Finely chopped spring onions 4 tb spoons

White sesame seeds (Til seeds) 2 tb spoons

How to make Home made Garlic Butter Naan ?

Heat water in a vessel till it becomes warm.
In a broad vessel or bowl put the yeast and pour warm water 2 cups on it.
Wait till the yeast is activated . (10 mins)
Now add sugar, flours, salt, oil, curd, Garlic paste everything in to the bowl and knead to soft tight dough.

If needed add some water and oil.
Close the dough with a damp white cloth and keep aside for 1 and 1/2 hour to 2 hours.

Keep the sesame seeds and spring onions on plates at your side while rolling the dough for naan.
Divide the dough into 10 to 12 big lemon size balls.

With your hand slightly press them and place it on the sesame seeds and spring onions.
See to it they stick on them.
Now dust the dough on the flour and roll to thick Rotis of your desired size and shape.
Heat a Tawa on a stove .
Once it becomes hot, place the rolled Naan on it. (Let the spring onion and sesame seeds pressed side be the base side)

Wait till bubbles start coming up and they are cooked.
Take the Naan from the Tawa and put it on the stove flame. The uncooked side must be on the flame.
Wait black and brown spots form on the other side too.

Once it is well cooked, Spread butter on both sides with a knife or spoon.
Store in a Hot pack.
Serve with any spicy curry.